Tuesday, January 02, 2007


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Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome 2007

Last night my sister Sherine held a New Year's party and family get together at her apartment and really did a splendid job in arranging it. I wasn't sure that I would be able to attend it but at the very last moment my work shift was assigned as 10 in the morning till 7 in the evening. So by 7:30 pm I was at her place. The others were my dad, mom, Sherine, her three kids (Abishek, Aditya & baby Geethu), bro-in-law Deepak, his dad, my cousins - Raju with his wife Mallu & their baby Gayathri, Jayakrishnan, Kannanchettan his wife Sreedevi & their son Govind, Arun, Suraj, Priya, her husband Shaju, Shalini & Subin. I hadn't seen Subin in ages and Arun I was meeting for just the second time in 5 years.

For drinks we had beer, Bacardi White Rum & Johnny Walker Whiskey. Soon we were munching on fried beef, a fried fish chips , lots of Lays (hmmm Tomato Sauce flavoured is so delicious), salad, and lovely chocolate cake. There was water, club soda and what we thought was orange juice but turned out be mango juice upon close inspection of the carton to mix our drinks! That was hilarious - mango juice does not go well with bacardi! I found a big bottle of Sprite and mixed that with my white rum. The kids were playing and screaming and laughing. The ladies were yakking ten to the dozen and us guys were boozing and cracking bad jokes. As usual Arun was the butt of most of them. It would be so appropriate that he would make himself seem silly and drunk on a few beers. This was also the first time that I would have alcohol with Raju & JK and Deepak's dad.

There was some music played in the background but don't ask me to name any songs - I was too busy having a good time! Also, Star Wars : Episode III was switched on from time to time. A couple of my non-drinking cousins were also engrossed by Alien vs Predator and as to how the little black actress became buddies with the Predator guy! Some had to leave before midnite cause their car would turn into a pumpkin! No, Raju had to report for work from his home system so he left with his wife and kid and dropped Shalini home on his way. JK took Priya and Shaju home as well. The rest of us continued drinking till the last moment. We then had our dinner, which was fried rice, chicken and stuff that I did not even touch. I was pretty full by then but did enjoy the ice cream of two flavours. Surprisingly there were very few shouts of "Happy New Year" contrary to what is supposed to be tradition.

We left soon after and parted ways. This was a very special and enjoyable occasion, especially since they come so few and far between these years. Fun parties like this used to happen very so quite so often when we were younger and you get to appreciate them. I took a few pictures which you can seen in my Flickr site.

Happy New Year to you and yours, everyone. May 2007 be a whole lot better than 2006!

Song for the day - "Shoebox" - BARENAKED LADIES

ROSHAN'S ELEVEN : First 11 Songs I Listened To In 2007

  1. Rained Out Parade - Wide Mouth Mason
  2. Be Yourself - Audioslave
  3. I Go Blind - 54-40
  4. Brian Wilson - Barenaked Ladies
  5. Boulevard Of Broken Dream - Green Day
  6. Hero Of The Day - Metallica
  7. Gyroscope - The Tea Party
  8. I Will Remember You - Sarah McLachlan
  9. Your Heart - Matt Mays & El Torpedo
  10. Samson - Regina Specktor
  11. Mr.Recordman - Ugly Kid Joe

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Better Way

So today was the day that finally came - they execute that dictator & overall motherfucker Saddam Hussein to death by hanging. This is such a welcome decision, even if the US now basically runs Iraq. Saddam deserves to die; he didn't even deserve to live. A better way was that he should have been hung by his balls and left to die. He should have been castrated. He was a rotten excuse for a human being and the very sight of him laughing has cause me to vomit my guts out. The day this asshole invaded Kuwait, he became the shit in my eyes!

What good will a three hour hartal do in Kerala in protest of his death? Why protest at all? Damn these muslim fundamentalists - some arab muslim, no matter that he is a rotten asshold, is killed and they all have to protest and have marches denouncing it@ What the fuck, wake up you morons!! He was a third-rate bastard! Why do u bother? Imbeciles

Song for the day - "Ain't It Fun" - GUNS N'ROSES

Friday, December 29, 2006

Can I Get The Job?

Well round two of my interview at the rival company is over and I must say that it went so well, even I was surprised. I went there without a copy of my resume, since I had already emailed a copy to my friend who works there and I had also handed a copy over to a person in HR last Friday. But she was on leave today so the manager interviewing me today did not have a copy to peruse through. I felt like a doofus for not bringing along another copy!

But she said that she would take a print-out from the e-mail my friend had forwarded her and went to get it. I sat in the small room like a dumbo and twiddled my thumbs. She came back and we sat and talked about myself and what I have done for about half an hour to 40 minutes. After a few minutes I felt very comfortable as it was easy to see that she was a good person and genuinely interested in what I had to say. I think she left sorry for me at what had happened as she did ask me why I stuck around at my old company despite the lousy pay. I had nothing but the truth to tell her. That I have a combination of laziness and fear of leaving my comfort zone and plus the ridiculous loyalty that is nothing but fear in disguise.

She wanted me to come tomorrow and promised me a much better pay that what I am currently getting here. It was all I could do from jumping on the table and dancing and then getting on my knees and kissing her hands & feet. Ok, so I said that would be good. I am to meet their customer care head and will have something solid after I speak to him. So off I went back to my work with a big smile on my face. All I had was a choco frappe to celebrate. Wish me luck!

Song for the day - "Sweet Surrender" - SARAH MCLACHLAN

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day

I have kept hearing about Boxing Day and the ritual of it. What did it mean, Boxing Day? Is it the international celebration of the great physical sport of boxing? Is this the day that Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, George Forman & Lennox Lewis were appreciated and celebrated for their sporting achievements and lauded for the entertainment that they brought to hordes of sports enthusiasts? Or is this the day that they released the controversial movie Boxing Helena? Lol, just kidding!!

Boxing day is a holiday celebrated in The United Kingdom & most of the Commonwealth Countries - but not here in India - and falls today, the 26th of December! It has been referred to as the day that most people 'box' away the Christmas decorations and keep them aside till the next year. There are also 'Boxing Day' sales, in which stores generally sell their after-Christmas stock at much lower prices than usual and I have seen hordes of the public waiting in line to rush into malls at the precise moment that they open! You can save a lot this way but you can also get a nasty injury if you fall and get trampled on. If a woman in high hells trods on your family jewels, you could never father children......or worse become impotent. You could lose your manly voice and start squeaking like a pre-teen girl!

By the way, why are they called Commonwealth Countries?

Because the British Commonly looted all these countries Wealth!!

Song for the day - "No Surprise" - THEORY OF A DEADMAN

Monday, December 25, 2006

HO HO ..........WHO?

Merry Christmas.................................AND A CRAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Smelly Cat

Friday, December 22, 2006

The Obligatory Office Xmas Party

So we had the party or what they seem to belive can pass off as a party! Meaning, while the main office had a grand feast, with much music & celebrations and made a merry old time yesterday, the call centre here worked and slogged as usual. Then today some old farts from the office (read that as upper management) came over to see what decorations the kids here had dished out. Sorry that I could only get two pics as the others came out badly as poor lighting & the fact that mine is only a cell phone camera played a huge factor!

Some of the kids spent a lot of time and energy in setting up the place and they did a good job considering the fact that they were on a tiny budget and had very little time to complete the training. The call centre never closes down so they still had to work almost a complete shift except for an hour or so to take part in the activities. Many came the previous night and stayed till the wee hours of the morning or before their shifts today, just so that it could look presentable. And I sure did like what they did, although the better parts of the hall are not shown in the above two pics.

We had some lovely cake (finally cake that I like) and work went along as usual. They had a small ceremony to hand out certificates to the agents who had successfully completed the next level of tests which could help them further their career. I was handed a gift coupon for discount at a local supermarket in appreciation of my 'excellent work at training a huge bunch of executives' according to the head of administration and HR'! My ass!

I got a cute little gift from a manager of training and quality. She has always been supportive and helpful to me and wanted to get me a little something. I was really touched that she had thought of me.

Oh and I had gone to attend an interview at a rival company of this organization! I was recommended by a former colleague who is working there now. I went to their impressive looking office and a short wait later had a brief session with someone from HR. I handed over my CV and explained what I was all about. She was polite and said that since the manager was busy today that I could come back later and that she would hand over my resume separately. I was happy to be considered and don't have much hopes of my chances in getting there. Anyway, I tried and hope for the best.

Song for the day - "Saving Me" - NICKELBACK

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bill Explanation

I was having an issue with my ISP provider. Not about the actual service as such - it is first class. I took it in October and frankly, there has not been a single day that I have had an issue with the internet.

What I have had issue with and sent an e-mail seeking clarification was this : two days after I took up the connection, I was given a welcome outcall from their office and a girl cheerfully told me about my bill plan and such and pointed out the various features and where I could contact them in person or through e-mail. And she stated that since I had paid an advance rent, I would not have to pay one month's rent at all! I specifically confirmed with her twice; since I work for an similar service (though in cell phone service providing) and was aware of the advance bill which is only adjusted upon canceling the connection). And both times I was cheerfully told that 'yes sir, you won't have to pay your first month's bill'! I was quite happy about this and made it a point to tell that to a couple of people as well.

But as you may know by now, I was sent a bill with Rs.300 payment due (they did charge me the rent and long story of it, with the adjustments, I had to pay a pro-rata charge of Rs.300 since I had not signed on for an entire full month). So I called up their customer care centre (which is in no way toll free by the way) and a well meaning girl put me on hold 6 times (which she was was due to her system malfunction) and clarified that I would have to pay that Rs.300 but 'not to worry sir, it is only because you joined us towards the later part of that billing month! You won't have to pay your next month's bill!'

Like the schmuck that I was I believed that load of bull! I forgot about the Rs.300 and had my service cancelled and went to pay it two days after it got cut. I even paid a month's rent in advance so I won't have to be bothered to got up till there until January (to pay December's bill). Now, in the November bill, there was the rent charged again and this time I decided, no calling them up! I sent a polite e-mail asking them a clarification. I was sent a clarification of sorts - which I only read today! See, I sent them the mail from my hotmail account but they replied it to the e-mail account that they give me along with my connection (which I won't really be using). So I got a call from another girl, who had sent that e-mail and read it! It basically meant that I was given some wrong information....twice! I told her I had an issue with that! She agreed with me but did nothing further other than confirm the wrong information, so I said fine and kept the phone.

I should have pushed further, I should have been angry. I should have blasted them but I know that it is not the fault of the executive who called me. Since I work in customer care myself, I know what all they have to face. But, not everyone is gonna be like me. They better not bank on that.

Song for the day - "Fear Of The Dark" - IRON MAIDEN

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Coffee & Beer with Wayne & Garth

I needed to buy a new pair of jeans very badly as my faithful blue ones got a tasty big tear and I won't be able to wear them outside. It's been a few month since I got new clothes so I decided to spend the morning & afternoon out. First things first; since I had very little sleep, I headed over to Cafe Coffee Day and had a big cold coffee with chocolate stuff in it and it tastes so goooood and provided an excellent caffeine kick. I relaxed and listened to some songs on my Motorola V3i. I wanted to get a blue pair but since they were out of them in my size, I settled for a grey jeans that should be ok for most of the shirts that I wear. The place was so crowded with families doing last minutes Christmas season shopping and kids were scattered all over the place.

That done, I went to buy some books from the used book sale cum fair near Padma. It was dusty and hot as hell in there but I stuck around to get three novels - The Stars Shine Down by Sidney Sheldon, Blood And Gold by Anne Rice & Blood Canticle also by Anne Rice. I also decided to head to Music World and see if there was anything worth purchasing there and settled on getting a copy of one of my all-time fav movies - Wayne's World! Party on Garth, Party on Wayne!

The hot sun and the humidity I faced till then made up my mind for me and I went into Oberoi for two beers & a delicious plate of American Chopsuey that I took my time in eating and read 90 pages of The Stars Shine Down. I am a noodles nut! Then it was back home for a little snooze and more reading. The evenings are getting so hot even in December!

Song for the day - "Hold My Beer" - AARON PRITCHETT

Saturday, December 16, 2006


I had to go the main office today; as a favour to Seema I was to take a two hour session on the main software that we use for a batch of new agents. She was taking the induction course for them, but since she fell ill, she asked if I could help her out. She has often helped me out and ofcourse I would only be happy to return the favour for her. The only thing is I never feel good about going back there - my situation being that I had to move from there to the BPO means I miss people and several people miss me and my position should be much better than it actually is. All because the HR & Administration are a bunch of morons!

But go I did and checked with her as to how much she has covered and up to what should I cover. When I went in another colleague was taking another section of the training for the agents, so I decided to hang around for a bit and wait until the kids had had lunch since it was already 1:25 pm by then. I went up to see some of my friends at the main office and was happy to see several, like Jalpa - who always calls me and chats with me on the phone but who I haven't seen in almost a year! Went to the call centre there, my old stomping grounds, and saw Michelle. Plenty of changes all around, very few agents who I recognised.

Anyway, that part was pleasant but the training wasn't! I was shocked at the behaviour of the idiots who composed of the team of 25 new joinees that were there. A few of them especially rubbed me the wrong way and I had no interest in continuing beyond the first few minutes. If those assholes aren't interested then they have no business in being there in the first place. I almost blasted them and Seema berated me for not doing so. My reply was I only met them and didn't want to stamp my authority just then. It would be a different situtation if, like at the BPO, they were assigned to me for a whole 5 days! Then they would see a different me. But I did give them a casual warning and said that if this was their attitude ....wait! When they started work, they would have to survive me! Beware!

Song for the day - "Be Yourself" - AUDIOSLAVE

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Joe Nieuwendyk Retires

NHL veteran player Joe Nieuwendyk retired from professional hockey due to various health problems. In a lengthy successful career, he has won it all and did it with style and grace, always letting his classy play do his talking for him. Below is a short history of his career taken from Legends of Hockey.

Born in Oshawa, Ontario, and raised in Whitby, Joe Nieuwendyk played college hockey at Cornell University in New York state. A cousin of NHLer Jeff Beukeboom, he spent three years on the Ivy League school's team and was twice named to the ECAC's First All-Star Team, in 1986 and 1987. He was also selected as an All-American in both years. In 1985, after his freshman year, the Calgary Flames were sufficiently impressed to draft him in the second round, 27th overall. In his first full season as a Flame, 1987-88, the young center scored 51 goals and 92 points, becoming only the second NHL player after Mike Bossy to score 50 goals in his rookie season. His totals also included eye-popping 31 power-play goals and 8 game-winners, and he was rewarded with the Calder Trophy as the league's top rookie. Nieuwendyk's second season with the Flames was just as impressive as his first. He was the leader of a team that won the Stanley Cup, again scoring 51 goals. In 1991 he was named captain of the Flames. When knee problems prevented Nieuwendyk from playing early in the 1995-96 season, the Flames found few takers on the trade market. Finally, in December 1995, the Dallas Stars acquired Nieuwendyk for Corey Millen and Jarome Iginla.

Besides being an exceptional hockey player, Nieuwendyk was also considered to be the best lacrosse player in Canada, and at one point he even played on a team that won the Minto Cup, the country's top award in that sport. Known as an aggressive player in front of the net as well as a good passer, Nieuwendyk's style of play has caused him a number of health problems, he missed most of the 1998 playoff due to a knee injury. However, in 1999, his health and luck returned as Nieuwendyk scored 6 game-winning goals in the playoffs to lead the Stars to victory over Buffalo in the Stanley Cup finals. The Oshawa native went on to play parts of two more season's with the Stars before he was traded to the New Jersey Devils. Since his arrival in New Jersey, Nieuwendyk has reached numerous milestones including the 500 goals, 500 assists and 1,000 points. In 2003, Nieuwendyk earned his third career Stanley Cup ring despite missing the Final due to injury and then later that summer signed as a free-agent with the Toronto Maple Leafs where he would suit up for one season before opting to move on to the Florida Panthers in the summer of 2005. On the international stage, Nieuwendyk represented Canada at the 1986 World Junior Championships, at the 1990 World Championships, and is a two-time member of Canada's Winter Olympic team (1998-2002).

Song for the day - "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" - JEFF HEALEY

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Windows Live Mail Beta is here

Windows & Hotmail have finally woken up and smelled the coffee (ironic that that they are based near Seattle, the coffee capital of the world) and gone in for an overhaul of their oh so boring and oh so old style of their services. I have joined in to try out their Windows Live Mail beta version and so far I am pretty pleased with it! Microsoft can be as predictable as your parents and I was quite bored with the huge corporate giant. Yet this brave new direction may be the saving grace, atleast as far as Hotmail is concerned. I was quite fed up of their sedate & dull looking service page which made me wonder if they had any changes done to Hotmail since they bought the mail service from Sabeer Bhatia!

They are now ready to be compared with Gmail, my current preffered option for web-based e-mail. Infact, the current look for Window's Live Mail is so much like a bastard child of Gmail & your office version of Outlook Express! That's what I feel like when I was using Windows Live earlier this evening and just a few minutes back. Anyway, I like it and think that it is a great innovative change in the right direction and that they attracts a few more clients in this manner. Atta boy, Bill Gates, you are finally showing what your can do.

I just dig the Mail preview window that you can incorporate into WLM beta(a la Outlook) which means you don't have to click and open ur mails just to read it! This is an excellent tool which I use everyday at the office. This can be used to delete off your junk mail. Don't have to waste too much time on them. Over the next few days, after using it for a while, I may be able to give a full assessment of it but so far so good, it seems like a very good tool. I'm not big on mail and I will probably still prefer Gmail....we shall see!

Song for the day - "Blue Bayou" - ROY ORBISON

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

RIP Peter Boyle

Perhaps most famous for playing the grumpy & sarcastically funny grandfather in Everybody Loves Raymond, actor Peter Boyle died today in New York. A native of Philadelphia, Boyle was 71 when he died. Before acting, he had a brief stint in the US Navy. Among his notable movie roles were the title character in Joe, The Candidate, as the Frankenstein monster in Young Frankenstein, Yellowbeard and Monster's Ball. He was also the tough guy commander of police in Arnold Schwarzenegger's Red Heat. He had brief roles in Taxi Driver, the Shadow & Species 2. He appeared in a series of ads for Alka-Seltzer along with his tv wife Doris Roberts. In real life, Boyle was married to former Rolling Stone reporter Loraine Alterman, who he met on the set of Young Frankenstein. He was still in his Frankenstein makeup when he asked her for a date!!!

Ofcourse the world knows him best & most recently as Ray Romano's (Ray Barone) funny dad (Frank Barone)in Everybody Loves Raymond who deadpans wise cracks all day and forever seems to be hungry, while watching endless tv, especially sports. He battles verbally with the perfect match for his - Doris Roberts. He always picks on his two sons, calling them names. There is no one in the world who can duplicate the role that Peter Boyle did to perfection. My other fav memory of Peter Boyle will be his Emmy Award winning (for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series) guest role in an episode of The X Files. He plays an ordinary guy who can see the imminent death's of others. He ends up being targeted by a killer because of this very ability and in a wonderful scene, tells Dana Scully about an emotional moment between them that is about to happen. Scully thinks that he means that they have sex together, but what he meant was, she would find him murdered and lying on a bed and that Scully would shed a tear for him. That was a truly great role.

Song for the day - "If I Were A Carpenter" - ROBERT PLANT

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Afternoon

Sitting here on a Sunday afternoon, nothing much to but aimlessly browse webpages and download mp3s. I was looking for some mp3s ofsongs that I really wanted, some of which I haven't heard in quite a long while. Mike Boon suggested to try downloading Sharezea in an e-mail a couple of days ago, and so I tried them out. Sp i did download and install their application to supplement my Limewire account. Today I was able to get "I Want It All" by Queen, "Be Yourself" by Audioslave, "Call & Answer" by BNL and videos of "Cherry Pie" (Warrant), "No Rain" (Blind Melon) & "18 & Life" (Skid Row). Both the applications are wonderful, although I prefer Limewire.

I had woken up so late this morning and still wanted to go back to sleep. The last few months, I sleep so little on the days that I have work. Nothing more than 5 hours or so. But I slept like a baby and it was restful. I had coffee and dry toast for a late breakfast. In the afternoon I watched an episode of CSI : NY - it was a good one, in which a cop is part of a bank heist. His three partners kidnap the baby of a bank employee and force her to help them in the looting of the bank's vaults. Things go wrong when the crooked cop's partnet investigates the noises coming from the valut and is killed. Two of the thieves are also killed and the CSI come in to investigate.

I was lazy and decided not to shower and just wanted to hangout, my plans of going for a movie were also scrapped at the last moment. I also had plans of going out shopping - but laziness prevailed. I hope to head out next saturday or sunday as I really need to get some new jeans.

Song for the day - "Skinned" - BLIND MELON

Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Trio In Their 30s

I headed out yesterday for a few drinks with Anil & Madhu. I normally don't like to drink at night when I have to work the next morning. I prefer to either not drink or to take it in the afternoon if I am going to the office the next day. But yesterday was an exception; Madhu and Anil calling me in the evening around 7 pm to come to Malabar House's roof-top garden in Convent Junction for a few. I was in two minds whether to join them or not. I actually said "you guys go on ahead without me, I'll join you some other day"! But it was eating away at me.

I left the office at 8pm and was going to head home, however I got down at the Jetty and took an auto to the roof-top garden. Madhu & Anil had started without me, having had a couple of drinks and some snacks. I quickly joined them, at the same spot that Anil and I had met a couple of weeks ago, and ordered a couple of vodkas and something to eat. And then the fun started!

For the next two and a half hours we cracked jokes, laughed ourselves silly and enjoyed some good drinks & food. Anil & I make fun of Madhu since he is the only married guy among us and is whipped and tied to his ball & chain. And Madhu makes fun of us because of the same reason. Madhu and I make fun of Anil due to his eternal flame for a girl, who worked with us earlier, and who did not have a clue about Anil's lust for her! And Anil and Madhu make fun of me.....well, because I am more sexier than the both of them combined together!

Soon we had to head back to our respective homes and we left, three on a bike! Very dangerous and especially after having drunk some! I went straight to sleep so I would be as fresh as possible when I woke up and had to go to the office. They both were off today!

Song for the day - "Down Boys" - WARRANT

Thursday, December 07, 2006

ROSHAN'S ELEVEN : Names As Song Titles

  • Jeremy - Pearl Jam

  • Carrie - Europe

  • Wayne - Chantal Kreviazuk

  • Roseanna - Toto

  • Adia - Sarah McLachlan

  • Jane - Barenaked Ladies

  • Sarah - Maren Ord

  • Elmo - Holly McNarland

  • Sara - Starship

  • Jessica - Allman Brothers

  • Beth - Kiss

Song for the day - "Elmo" - HOLLY MCNARLAND

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Firefox lover

It is only lately that I have become a Firefox advocate and staunch user. I know, it seems kinda late. A lot of the personal blogs or websites that I visit has a link to download Firefox or something of Firefox but I couldn't do much with it since I didn't have a computer. Now that I do, I did download Mozilla Firefox, about a month ago, and you could too by click here. You would be amazed by how efficient and fast it is. How much better looking it is and how soon you will decide that this is the tool for you, whenever you want to browse the net. The Tab options which makes things so simple to use and easy to sort out you various pages and links within pages that you are browsing is so beyond IE. Firefox is free and it kicks Internet Explorer's ass anytime and anywhere on every platform. See the clever pic given to the left! You see foxy boy taking a bite off IE. That's it's foxy boy; go get him. Attack! Atta boy, good foxy!

I would suggest that you read their documents before you go ahead and download Firefox. Also, you get the option to shift your existing bookmarks and stuff from the browser(s) that you have, like IE. I still haven't selected Firefox as my default browser, simple because I use Windows XP and since IE comes bundled with Windows (because they are both from Microsoft) there are some things that I will want IE to automatically open instead of something else. Mostly for offline purposes. Or for direct links to my Hotmail inbox from MSN Messenger. Again, they also are from Microsoft. I prefer to keep it in this manner; but when I want to browse the net, it's Firefox all the way.

Plus chicks love Firefox. Just ask her!!

Ofcourse nothing is perfect and there are a couple of things I don't like about Firefox. Like the small window that automatically opens whenever I try to download something from a page. And while we are at it, it is still too big! I also use Opera browser and the thing I like about it is, everytime I reopen Opera, it asks me if I want to start from where I left off. Meaning that if I was browsing a few pages and then shut down the internet for sometime, I don't have to waste time in looking for the exact page(s) I was at! Opera does that for me everytime. Firefox only does this when it gets closed by error (like if it got hung or something). If Mozilla can add that into it, I won't think of using another browser again (hint, hint).

So be a good boy or girl and download the software! Down below are links to some Firefox related wallpapers for your computers.

Song for the day - "Foxy Lady" - JIMI HENDRIX

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Save Your Scissors by City & Colour

Turn out the lights, light a scented candle or two if you have them! Settle yourself in a comfy position with a pillow and play this song. You can open your eyes and watch the video or keep your eyes closed for this one. Relax & enjoy City & Colour.