Saturday, June 17, 2006

Movie Time : Cursed

Another movie which I managed to squeeze in between watching football games is Cursed. The movie is about three young people who are attacked by a werewolf in Los Angeles. To cure themselves of the 'curse' they have to find their attacked and have him or her killed before they themselves turn completely into werewolves. Christina Ricci stars as Ellie, a young executive who gets bitten along with her brother Jimmy, played by Jesse Eisenberg. Joshua Jackson plays Jake, who wants to date Ellie and is friends with Jimmy. The movie also stars Judy Greer — Joanie who wants to keep Jake to herself and acts bitchy towards Ellie. Michael Rosenbaum, Portia de Rossi (as a chick-gypsy psychic), Shannon Elizabeth & Michelle Krusiec also appear in the movie which has a brief presence from Scott Baio as himself. The movie is directed by the master of horror films, Wes Craven but I must say that although it is worth watching on cable if you have nothingelse to do and because of Ricci, Jackson & Greer, it is not scary at all and the werewolves creatures are not at all beliveable. One twist in a scene was when Jimmy, starting to feel the effects of the change in him slowly becoming a werewolf (but not yet there) starts feeling ravenously hungry and is about to devour a huge raw steak. He drops it and while distracted his golden retriever sneaks off with the steak under the bed. When you will expect Jimmy to attack the dog, the dog actually turns round and attacks Jimmy - cause it was also attacked by the werewolf and is now an uber-dog-wolf crazy mix creature.

Song for the day - "The Wolf" - AXXIS