Friday, November 11, 2005

Puppets vs Humans

One of my favouite tv shows of all time is Angel, the spinoff from Buffy : The Vampire Slayer - another one of my all time favs. It actually started out as a bit of a darker counterpart to Buffy as a lone Vampire with a soul goes to the big bad city of Los Angeles and spends his nights saving innocent would be victims from the evils that lurk the streets of the city. Soon he was joined by, what started out as as two supporting characters and what is now a posse of friends, who have added a lot to the show. When I think about it, I guess that Angel has always been more darker & edgier than Buffy but the show has also had it funnier moments when the cast was expanded. Like the espisode I saw last night, Smile Time, in which a group of puppets are drainning kids sould to get power and while Angel investigates, he gets turned into a puppet himself. This is more than what I had bargained for as I lay down to watch the show.

Babe of the week - ROSA BLASI

What is the difference between a Puppet & a Muppet? Is Muppet the name given to that show of really funny puppets like Kermit the frog & Miss Piggy? Or is a Muppet something else which is simmilar to a puppet? Can anyone enlighten me? How about Metallica? Since they seem to be experts on puppets atleast, what with their album & hit song which is about a master who controls these puppets.

Song for the day - "Master Of Puppets" - METALLICA