Friday, May 12, 2006

Things Are Picking Up

Yesterday was a motherfucker of a day - it was so hot and humid and so damn sweaty. I just wanted to curl up in the freezer at the office, if I could have fit in. Man this is the worst working conditions that a company of this stature has put their employees to work in. My rash was getting worse, I just wanted to peel my skin off my legs and throw them away. My thraot was so dry and parched that I drank a lot of water and when it was time for dinner, found that I could barely eat as my tummy was full due to all that water!

To be on your feet for most of the shift, walking about and checking on the agents in the call centre, and to sweat like a pig all the while - this is not my idea of work! I really have to start sending out my resumes to other companies in the same line of work and perhaps, just perhaps get lucky with a good place. As it is the weather is playing havoc, with hardly any rain and with the shitty working conditions as well - why would I want to stay there.

Which is why I had a pleasant surprise today afternoon when I got a call from a guy in HP's Bpo in Bangalore who was looking for hiring people as their company is expanding. This was while I was having some beer with lunch. I have no idea how he got my name & number (he distincly asked for Roshan GK rather than my official name Roshan Gopal Krishnan). I think it is probably through Sophia who was working for HP's office in Chennai. I haven't heard from her in a while but she has asked me if I wanted to try there. Anyway, not that I am expecting to get there, but just the thought of it makes my day. So I should get moving and try to luck elsewhere and not let these morons abuse me anymore. Someone go get me an ice cold beer!

Babe of the week - JENNIFER HAWKINS

Song for the day - "Hard As A Rock" - AC/DC