Friday, October 28, 2005

It's Friday I'm In Love

Not really, well it's more like a crush on a girl, I mean woman, who I have never met. From last year, I started reading other people's blogs as well and find it a great way to make friends & interact with people who have similiar thoughts & interests as myself. Some of the blogs make me jealous, with excellent pics & detailled description on holidays, events, hockey/football games, rock concerts (yeah, that is the one that makes me the most jealous), love life, raising kids etc. Some crack me up (like the guy who writes on farts) and some make me sad (two blogs in particular - one by a guy who has AIDS and another of a woman battling cancer). I have made friends through their blogs & mine.

But yesterday I was reading a blog that I had never read before. It's by a woman called Dana. Dana is 30 years old and lives in Ottawa, Canada. I spent a long time reading her lengthy entries about going to the movies, parties & managing her dog bakery store. She seems like a fun person with no airs about her and while reading I got the feeling that I've know her for many years (this is what happens in a good blog). Anyway, I found a couple of her photos in her blogs and have marked them and well got to feeling a little twinge in the old heart (or is it just heartburn). This kinda stuff happens to me once in a blue moon so I feel kinda silly about it. Dana if you read this, I didn't want to post your picture here or even link your blog here cause I would like to respect your privacy. Anyway, cheers, I hope you read this.

Babe of the week - NEVE CAMPBELL

Song for the day - "Problem Bears" - THE TRAGICALLY HIP