Friday, December 23, 2005

That Time Of Year

Well, we have this tradition at the office every Christmas of selecting a Christmas friend at random. We write down the entire bunch of name on small bits of papers, fold it and mix it up in a box. Everyone takes a name and keeps it a secret until D day, which is usually a day or two before Xmas. You leave notes & small gifts for the person assigned as your Xmas buddy, leaving clues to your identity, driving them mad in the bargain. And then on the 23rd we reveal who we are, give a nice gift & a card. I got a pink teddy bear and a scented candle which has a holder shaped like a Martine glass. It even has a fake green olive in the center. I had selected a girl in the office who I kinda treat like a kid sister, so I was happy enough with my pick and got her a nice soft teddy.

Christmas is going to be no big deal and I will be working all night. Not so happy about having to work on New Year's eve & Jan 1st but ...........(censored, bleep, explicit language), so I will be there. Hope to have a few before heading home for work though, what with two bars in the same building as the office.

Babe of the week - CHARSIMA CARPENTER

Song for the day - "Edison's Medicine" - TESLA