Friday, October 27, 2006

Hair Today, Gone....In The Very Near Future

I decided that I did not want to spend all three of my free days (from work) just sitting in front of the computer and surfing the net (although to be fair, it was a lot of that). Thursday was just resting as I was a bit tired and surfing the net - went to different sports sites, some blogs, downloaded a bunch of stuff like mp3s and videos. I ate a little and had some coffee and not much else. Chatted with some old online friends of mine, exchanged e-mails & catching up with them. Chatted with some cousins as well.

Today I decided to go out for a bit and went out to both Music World & Planet M, which suprisingly enough for the two most major music outlets in the city (and the country), are right opposite each other. Music World having the larger showroom of the two also offers lots and lots of options. By comparision, Planet M seems kinda small and crowded. They have so many different CD titles stacked 5 or 6 in one slot that you may end up missing what you would like to get. For example, I once saw a Jennifer Lopez CD and normally would have uttered a "yuck" and ignored it. But when I looked behind that I saw Judas Priest, Joe Satriani & Johnny Lang cds!!! What the fuck!!!

Anyway, I went to both and was disspointed at the shortage of worthy material. Anyhow since I have broadband at home, I can just try to get all the good songs that I want and songs of artists that are not available here. But unlike several others I just like getting a CD - the covers, the images, the packaging, the artwork on the cd itself. There is something so great about it as a music & art lover that is pleasing. However mp3 is so convinient and space saving. I am temped to do what others do and burn all my cds into my harddrive or alternatively into blank cds. That will save up a lot of space and I don't have to change cds so often and can play songs from different artists so easily, whenever I have an inkling for a particular song or singer or band. That would be great. Anyways, I ended up buying a Rs.99 worth cd about Canada and her attractions and a movie - Miracle, which I watched as soon as I came home.

Anways, I then went to get an icecream and then to get my haircut at a place where my sister takes her kids to (of all the people to recommend a barber it is your sister, shame on you!!) My hair was getting kinda long and floopy (if that is a word) and kinda dull. No life, as one of my friends would have said on touching it. It was getting difficult to maintain. But I hate having to cut hair, as stated earlier in this blog, I am losing it at alarming fast rates. I have got a bald patch at the back (which I can cover if I grow my hair long) and a receding portion at my forehead (which hides well when I comb my hair but by lunch time it is there for all to behold) but you know the drift. It feels silly but I get so annoyed when someone points it out to me "hey you are losing your hair!!" And what I want to say back is "Hey asshole, I can see. I stand in front of the mirror every morning, so I am aware of that fact!! But are you aware that you are a moron for stating the obvious, dickhead ?(or if female vagina face? ) But no I be polite, smile a goofy grin and make some joke or two about the fact. While I grind my teeth and count to 10 in my mind.

Just writing this is making me depressed. I then had a little lunch and came back home to watch the movie. I plan on going to sleep late, since I woke up so late as well. Got into YouTube recently when my cousin Sandhya sent me a couple of links a few days back. I saw this one today and thought I'd share it with you. It's too long haired goofy guys playing air-guitar to the solo in November Rain. That is also my song for the day today. Enjoy.

Song for the day - "November Rain" - GUNS N'ROSES