Friday, November 04, 2005

What I need is some time away

Like it has been happening for the past few weeks, I keep having to come to the office on a day that I am supposed to be off from work. This is the problem with being only one of two guys in my department and the fact that the company does not want women working in the office after 9 pm. And the girls won't mind at all cause they can go home earlier than we guys do. But yesterday the other guy feel ill and since they needed some shmuck (meaning me) to be at the office from 9 pm to 12 am, I went to the office to babysit the kids in the call centre. I mean, it's not like something major is going to happen in those three hours but still I had to go. I suppose I could say no and "well by me being there the company's needs are being meet, right?! But what the fuck about my needs? Why is it that only when I want something (which I think is due to me) is there all this diplomatic bullshit? So, very sorry, but I have plan of my own. See you tomorrow when I am scheduled to work."

Unfortunately my father did not teach me how to say that. He always told me to be loyal to whichever concern it is that you work for cause that it is the most sacred of all things. Being loyal, that is. But my company is not being loyal to me. I have been hearing that things would proceed in December but this is what I have been hearing about for many months. And will be excluded from the list? Only time will tell. Anyway, I think I need some time away from this place. Not a couple of days, I mean a week or ten days without hearing a single word about the work or anything related to the company. Maybe that distance will recharge me and perhaps I will feel excited about things again.

Babe of the week - HUNTER TYLO

Song for the day - "Holiday" - SCORPIONS