Thursday, October 27, 2005

In One Ear & Out The Other

A meeting for our Call Centre yesterday basically meant that I lost out on one of my off days (darn it but all these meetings seem to be happening on my days off) and I had to prepare for it. But it turned out that the preparation was not necessary and we would have no presentation like last time. This was a seemingly long discussion on the reasons as to why the agents are doing badly compared to the last two months (it was so obvious why that was so, just no one wanted to say it out loud) and how we were going to tackle it. It was decided that me & my collegues would have to pitch in a lot more and give in extra care to the agents so that they spend less time on a call and that they can handle it with more quality leaving more satisfied customers. Most of what was said is a lot of bull, cause I can gaurentee you that the average Malayalee customer is in fact an asshole; he don't wanna pay, he don't want to see the point, all he wants to do is pretend that he is some big deal and shout at everyone - cause he is an asshole!

Weirdos & shitheads are a plenty and they all seem to have conspired to make October a real pain in the ass month for me & several others. Not that we can change people's attitudes overnight - any words of wisdom just goes in one ear and out the other!

Song for the day - "Photograph" - NICKELBACK