Thursday, November 30, 2006

Face The Heat

It is such a shame that the company cannot provide proper work environment for their claimed biggest customer touch point - the Call Centre. I spend the majority of my work hours in a small room with fake walls, fake door and the heat of a sauna in prime condition. It does not help that the huge glass window reflects the sun's deadly rays into the room (despite being slighty tinted) and creates even more heat. We face the east side and so from morning till evening I get the sense of being baked! Now I know what bread feels like when it it being made. The rivers of sweat running down our bodies does nothing to make you feel fresh.

Anyway to beat the heat, as mentioned, I normally head to Cafe Coffee Day and indulge myself but today for a change and on the spur of the moment I went for a beer right after work. After I concluded my training for the day, I remained at the office to finish my report for the month of November. A little after 7, I left the office along with a technical staff and asked him if he was up for a beer. He said ok, so went to this noisy but friendly bar opposite to the bus stop and had a beer each along with plenty of peanuts and a little fried beef. It was a pleasant experience, since it was our first evening out and I promised him that we would get a few more people from work and have a great time soon.

Kinda feeling a little sleepy now, so I am gonna sleep a lot earlier than normal tonight. To each and everyone, I bid you goodnight!!

Song for the day - "Gyroscope" - THE TEA PARTY