Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wanted Dead Or Alive

Looking for a band that has seen it all, done it all.....and then some? Trying to find a band that has been at the top of the heap for 20 years plus? A bunch of guys who have more hit singles than total fingers in the band, enough gold records to make a jeweller jealous and enough platinum records to ....well, make the music industry sit up and take notice. Bon Jovi, a group of 5 cats, now four, who started out as young friends in New Jersey and have scaled the heights of the music world. What started out as a hungry for the big time band in 1982, making a small splash with the single "Runaway", reaching stardom with 1986's monster smash album "Slippery When Wet", then finding themselves on the cover of every magazine possible & solidifying that success with 1988's "New Jersey". A break of almost four years ensused as the guys were getting burnt out and needed time to breath. 1992 saw the return of the New Jersey act with "Keep The Faith". The 90's also saw the greatest hits record "Crossroads" and the leaving of founder bassist Alex John Such. 1995 saw them regroup as a foursome with (my fav Bon Jovi album) "These Days" and three years later saw their biggest hit yet "It's My Life" in the 2000 album "Crush". The new millenium has seen "Bunce" & this year's "Have A Nice Day".

Song for the day - "Welcome To Wherever You Are" - Bon Jovi