Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Laying Low

How do you type down the sound of your weary body finally relaxing, after what was only 3 days of little sleep but what seemed like 3 years? "Aaaaghhhhhhhhhheeyyyyyyyyeeeeeee"? Or something to that effect. Anyways, I was kinda laying low from Tuesday evening. Left the office at 5, although my shift ended at 3 pm, we had a meeting in order to understand the software (that we use to raise certain issues of customers) better and how the upcoming centralisation will only improve things. This was actually a lot of fun & enlightment as I hadn't really undergone a session on the software, I was mostly playing it by ear. Not that I really need to use it that much.

So at 5 pm I left the office and came to Edapally for a quick bite & my evening hot coffee. I have been having headaches & irritation due to my sinus problems and the coffee really helped me. Sitting in the ac from 6 am does not really do my sinus any favours. I then came home & also bought dinner for my dad & myself. He was out to the temple, as usual. I came home in time to catch an episode of FRIENDS and then watched Smackdown on Ten Sports.

Today I just sat back and watched tv - a lot. And I mean a whole fucking lot. Discovery channel, National Geographic, History Channel, Sports, Music, tv series - you name it. Somethings I can't even remember at all or why I even bothered to watch it. Nothing really sticks to my mind, except an episode of Smallville & some show on polar bears. There always seems to be lots of shows on polar bears. I can remember three very memorable ones that I have seen over & over again, especially one about an orphaned male cub.

Song for the day - "Until You Suffer Some (Fire & Ice)" - POISON