Saturday, October 21, 2006

ROSHAN'S ELEVEN : Barenaked Ladies' Songs

These guys are my joint favourite band(s) along with Pearl Jam. These guys make me wanna groove, dance, smile, laugh, cry, think, ponder, shout, imagine, wonder, admire, adore and a zillion other such things!! Plus these are the silliest bunch of guys you can ever hope to listen to. The Barenaked Ladies are (in the same order as in the picture below): Kevin Hearn (keyboards), Tyler Stewart (drums), Steven Page (vocals & guitar), Jim Kreegan (Bass) & Ed Robertson (vocals & guitars).

  • What A Good Boy (live version)

  • One Week

  • If I Had A $1000000

  • Pinch Me

  • It's All Been Done

  • Who Needs Sleep

  • Falling For The First Time

  • Jane

  • These Apples

  • One Little Slip

  • Never Do Anything

Song for the day - "If I Had A $1000000" - BARENAKED LADIES