Monday, June 12, 2006

World Cup Germany 2006 Update

Me working evening shifts have meant that I only get to watch some of the matches being played in Germany for the 2006 World Cup. I hate that, but I have found that I am not getting as worked up and excited about the event as the previous 4 (1990 Italy, 1994 USA, 1998 France & 2002 S.Korea & Japan). Maybe cause this is the first one that I am working while the event is happening (I was in between jobs for 2002 having resigned from the crappy job in marketting just before the first ball was kicked).

Anyway, now that 3 days are over, I am going to give an update - what the fuck is wrong with Argentine, Sweden, England & Portugal? I felt that Holland had a much tougher opponent in Serbia & Montenegro, so their 1-0 victory should not really cause much concern among their fans. But England was pathetic and the game against Paraguay was even more so, the Brits winning on an own goal. They had better get their act together in game 2. Sweden were held to a 0-0 draw by lowly debutants Tridad & Tobago, whose population could be fit into a single slum of Bombay (but we can't send a team to the World Cup - who would pay all those greedy assholes in cricket uniforms?) Last night Portugal bored me with their 1-0 win over their former colony Angola. The match started out exciting and then wilted as the minutes went by so slowly. Mexico are off to a great start, beating Iran 3-1. Argentina also started well against debutants Ivory Coast, but they also wilted against pressure from Didier Drogba's side.

Hosts Germany got the tournament off to a flying start with a 4-2 win over Costa Rica, with Miroslav Klose & Paulo Wanchope scoring a brace each. Ecuador won over Poland and it is noted a shock win over former European power. Two players who have impressed in the early stages are Arjen Robben of Holland & Juam Riquelme of ARgentina. Stay tuned.

Song for the day - "Don't Be Stupid" - SHANIA TWAIN