Friday, September 23, 2005

After A Short Break

After two days of rest (two & a half if you count that since I left work at 5 pm on Tuesday evening and only coming back to work at 3 pm on Friday) and I am back for a little more torture at work. I dunno what's in store for the next three days, as this is the normal weekend but for me, my week is just starting. Didn't do much on the two days off that I had. Just lazed about watching tv, surfed the net a lot and played a little music. One of the CDs I was playing during my time at home was Greatest Hits of A-Ha.

Sometimes when you haven't listened to the songs of a band for a few years and then all of a sudden you play them, you realise what great songs they actually are. I had been listening to the Norwegian trio from 1986 to, perhaps 1995 or so and then it was silent for many years. Many bands with more rockier sounds dominated my taper & cd deck and I kinda felt that A-ha were a bit of a joke. But that changed a couple of years ago when I heard their songs on the tv from their 2000 album and slowly I have started listening to their songs again. Man some of their songs are really cool. They have a great singer, a great keyboard player & a guitar player who creates wonderfully cathy tunes. But a real stinker was the song "Living Daylights" that was the theme song for the James Bond movie of the same name. What were they thinking?

Babe of the week - TERESA HILL

Song for the day - "I've Been Losing You" - A-HA