Monday, November 14, 2005

Audit My Ass

How would you like if you & your work is being audited? And I don't mean something small like if you are a call centre agent and your calls are being audited for its's quality. I mean your work is more important and you are getting by on the milited resources that are available to you. At that time things like this just seems unfair.

Talking of unfair, a very senior manager was speaking things that should have best been left said within closed doors to two collegues of mine in a different department. Now, ever since this senior manager came to replace a person who was so much more efficient & eloquent, it spelled trouble. He comes up with the stupidest things and projects for different people, he begins to look like a clown. His latest project had me thinking out aloud as to what he was smaoking & inhaling!

Song for the day - "Cool Summer Night" - LISA BROKOP