Saturday, November 11, 2006

RIP Jack Palance

Another one of my childhood icons passes away. Jack Palance passed away yesterday, 10-11-2006, of natural causes. He was 87 years old. Palance was a fixture in my home during dinner time; he was a favourite of my dad's. My sister, mom, dad & me used to watch Ripley's: Belive It Or Not in the 80's, while we were in Kuwait. It was usually on during dinner time and we used to watch that show without missing an episode. I also loved his Oscar winning role (for best supporting actor) in City Slickers and he was great along with Billy Crystal. I will never forget Palance doing push-ups on stage at the Oscars (it was among the most unforgettable moments of all time) or his intimidating villan role in Tango & Cash. Other good roles of his that I have seen : Young Guns, City Slickers 2, Batman & Treasure Island. He leaves behind his two daughters (a son had died earlier) & his second wife.

Things I didn't know about Jack Palance:
1. He was born Vladimir Palaniuk, the son of Ukrainian immigrants, in Pennsylvania
2. He had a career as boxer before he started acting.
3. He also worked in a coal mine (like his father).
4.Was in the US army and his face got disfigured in a burning plan.
5. Had platic surgery to repair the damage
6. Although known more for his parts in Westerns, he also played Dracula, Dr.Jeckly & Mr.Hyde & Attila the Hun.

Song for the day - "Miracle" - JON BON JOVI