Friday, November 17, 2006


I wasn't able to get online the last two days; my isp had cut my service since I was late in paying up the bill. See, a girl from their office had called me a couple of days after I joined up and in the welcome call, told me that I would not have to pay the first month's rent (since I had to pay one month's rent in advance on taking up the connection, along with the required security deposit). So I was pretty pleased at that time. But then I got a bill for Rs.300. When I checked up with their customer care call centre, I was informed that since I had joined in between the billing cycle, they had calculated my rent for the days my account was active (11th to 21st) and given me a bill of Rs.300. And I was told that I didn't have to pay the next month's rent!! This was a bit funny to me. I ended up forgetting about the due date, hence they barred my connection. Well I went today to pay the Rs.300 and an advance for next month as well, just in case! I didn't want them to tell me that the advance I had payed upfront was for some special month or something and ruin my mood.

During those two days without the web, I was feeling withdrawal symptoms, like a junkie whose supply gets taken away abruptly. I listened to my mp3s which kept me warm & safe. Oh, broadband, let us not part for a single day henceforth!! (snicker, lol)

Song for the day - "Fidelity" - REGINA SPEKTOR