Saturday, December 24, 2005

Blood On My Dad's Floor

While my mom was undergoing treatment, taking yoga classes & going to see the doctor for her condition, it was mostly just me , my dad & the dog at home. My dad did most the cooking and I would occasionally buy some grub from outside. However dad usually likes to cook and since he is retired has enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen with the variety of vegetables at his disposal, usually ending up with a dish that looks like alien gourmet food. He tends to put loads of onions & as I am the same, I am wondering, just what is it with us men and onions!! Chillies are his fav (not mine though) and he tends to put lots of "kaya" in every dish. He also used to put loads of potatotes in the curries as well, which usually ends up being an argument with me & him. So the potatoes have gone. He also acts like a housewife if you (a) claim to not like his cooking (b) offer a suggestion which can be taken as critizism (c) hell has no fury if you make a face or choke or gag as you eat the food he has prepared or worse (d) say you are not hungry now and will grab something on the way to work. People it ain't pretty!!

With the dog also to feed, we would buy a whole lot of fish so as to make fish biryani for Shawny Jr. Shawny Sr. also loved my dad's perparation a lot and used to jump up & down in anticipation of me bringing her lunch. However this time my dad had bought a different kind of fish that honestly left a bad taste. While preparing it he accidently spilled a huge amount of blood on the kitchen floor - a floor & kitchen which he thinks is his own but actually is only borrowing it from the real owner.....MOM!!! And had she seen that mess she would have created WW3 right in our kitchen. A good deal of mopping went into cleaning up the mess. And my dad went back to the tv to watch a couple of movies starring who he think is the world's greatest actor (and why hasn't he won an Oscar yet).....Arnold Schwarzenneger!!!

Song for the day - "Under The Bridge" - RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS