Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bill Explanation

I was having an issue with my ISP provider. Not about the actual service as such - it is first class. I took it in October and frankly, there has not been a single day that I have had an issue with the internet.

What I have had issue with and sent an e-mail seeking clarification was this : two days after I took up the connection, I was given a welcome outcall from their office and a girl cheerfully told me about my bill plan and such and pointed out the various features and where I could contact them in person or through e-mail. And she stated that since I had paid an advance rent, I would not have to pay one month's rent at all! I specifically confirmed with her twice; since I work for an similar service (though in cell phone service providing) and was aware of the advance bill which is only adjusted upon canceling the connection). And both times I was cheerfully told that 'yes sir, you won't have to pay your first month's bill'! I was quite happy about this and made it a point to tell that to a couple of people as well.

But as you may know by now, I was sent a bill with Rs.300 payment due (they did charge me the rent and long story of it, with the adjustments, I had to pay a pro-rata charge of Rs.300 since I had not signed on for an entire full month). So I called up their customer care centre (which is in no way toll free by the way) and a well meaning girl put me on hold 6 times (which she was was due to her system malfunction) and clarified that I would have to pay that Rs.300 but 'not to worry sir, it is only because you joined us towards the later part of that billing month! You won't have to pay your next month's bill!'

Like the schmuck that I was I believed that load of bull! I forgot about the Rs.300 and had my service cancelled and went to pay it two days after it got cut. I even paid a month's rent in advance so I won't have to be bothered to got up till there until January (to pay December's bill). Now, in the November bill, there was the rent charged again and this time I decided, no calling them up! I sent a polite e-mail asking them a clarification. I was sent a clarification of sorts - which I only read today! See, I sent them the mail from my hotmail account but they replied it to the e-mail account that they give me along with my connection (which I won't really be using). So I got a call from another girl, who had sent that e-mail and read it! It basically meant that I was given some wrong information....twice! I told her I had an issue with that! She agreed with me but did nothing further other than confirm the wrong information, so I said fine and kept the phone.

I should have pushed further, I should have been angry. I should have blasted them but I know that it is not the fault of the executive who called me. Since I work in customer care myself, I know what all they have to face. But, not everyone is gonna be like me. They better not bank on that.

Song for the day - "Fear Of The Dark" - IRON MAIDEN


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