Saturday, January 28, 2006

Gunner short of Gun Powder

Arsenal FC's new home jerseyWhat has happened to the Gunners this season? They are so many points behind league leaders Chelsea and have just lost in the fourth round of the FA cup to Bolton. They have lost, what 6 or 7 games in the Premier it going to stop? I don't remember if Arsenal have lost that many games in a single season for the last few years. They seriously need to purchase / trade quality players and that too it should have been done yesterday. Arsenal have not recovered from having let influential mid-fielder Patrick Viera go & join Italian giants Juventus. The Frenchman left a huge void in the middle of the park - and Arsene Wenger hasn't got a chance in hell of filling it with the likes of lightweights like Flamini or Faregas! Shit, the void cannot be filled with 6 Flaminis or 10 Fabregas or Gobbergas whatever the fuck his name is. Now that is the main issue for Wenger; he has to find an able replacement for Viera if he wants the team to get back to the heights there were used to. Don't get me wrong, Arsenal is still capable of giving us an exhibition match or two but they won't win the league in their current formation.

Alexander Kleb was a good purchase but the Austrian was injured and hence missed enough matches to not have any sort of impact this season - but he is worthy of a place in the team. And they really need to look for a striker who can score goals - like 20 a season. Reyes seems to be the wrong answer and we can't depend on Henry alone. The talented Robin Van Persie is way better at find the back of the net but he is kinda frail. We should keep him and sell Reyes and try to buy a solid striker like Roy Makaay. Wenger has to get this through his head that we need a change. I hate to say this but perhaps the Gunners should sell either Robert Pires or Freddie Ljungberg or even both. This would be benefitial for both the club and the players. Ljungberg especially seems like he could use a new challenge and new suroundings to kickstart his abilities. Cash issues, due to the building of the new larger stadium, could be solved with that.

Song for the day - "Run To The Hills" - IRON MAIDEN