Sunday, June 25, 2006

Movie Time : Resident Evil - Apocalypse

The sequel to Resident Evil, Resident Evil : Apocalypse begins where the original left off. At the end of the first movie, Umbrella sent in a biohazard team to re-open The Hive, a top secret research facility developed by the Umbrella Corporation containing its biological research projects, including those for biological weaponry and warfare. Not surprisingly, the team is quickly overrun by the creatures and zombies contained within, which soon make their way to the surface, forcing Umbrella to quickly evacuate their important personnel and families. During this evacuation Angela Ashford, daughter of prominent Umbrella scientist Dr. Charles Ashford, is involved in a car crash, leaving her stranded in the city. The carnage reaches the streets of the metropolis of Raccoon City 13 hours later.

After receiving calls sent out by the Raccoon City Police Department for off duty police members to report to duty. Ex-S.T.A.R.S. agent Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) heads to the Raccoon City Police Department to collect some possessions and help her fellow colleagues. The station is swarming with zombies who have been arrested for attacking people. Here we meet L.J., who is handcuffed to a wooden bench next to a zombie and about to be bitten. Jill saves him with a well-placed headshot to the zombie.

Umbrella sets up a containment zone around the city, screening people for contamination before they are allowed to leave. When the infection reaches the screening point, Umbrella executive Major Timothy Cain issues the order to shut the gates and orders all remaining inhabitants back into the city at gunpoint, including Jill and some of their own staff that were screening inside the gates.

Raccoon City prior to the t-virus outbreak. (Also the Skyline of Toronto, Ontario).Meanwhile, Alice (Milla Jovovich), the amnesiac heroine of the first movie, and former Umbrella Security Operative, wakes up inside an Umbrella controlled experimental lab within the deserted Raccoon City hospital. She walks out onto the street to find a wave of destruction amid the streets.

Jill teams up with fellow cop Peyton Wells and news reporter Terri Morales to try and find another way out. They take refuge in a church where they find themselves at the mercy of a trio of "lickers", large deadly creatures with long tongues fresh out of The Hive. With the group running low on ammo, Alice breaks through a window on a motorcycle and quickly dispatches them with the aid of her motorcycle and guns.

Dr. Ashford, who realizes his daughter may be trapped and not dead, remains in the camp outside Raccoon City with some of the containment staff where he tracks down his daughter's signal to her school. He then uses the cameras within the city to track down survivors and offers Alice and her team a way out providing they can get his daughter out safely. Ashford reveals that Umbrella is now preparing to "sanitise" the city by destroying it with a nuclear device in order to prevent further contamination and that they have until sunrise before this occurs.

While all this is going on, Carlos Oliveria (Oded Fehr), a hired gun for Umbrella, finds himself and his team abandoned by Umbrella deep inside Raccoon City where their numbers are gradually reduced by the hordes of undead advancing upon them. Survivors Carlos, Nicholai, and Yuri spot an Umbrella helicopter and follow it only to see it make a drop. Upon getting to the drop they find the boxes now empty. Offscreen, they also get a call from Ashford with the same deal as Alice's team.

We find L.J., unable to get out in time and running over various undead, until he is distracted by zombie hookers and crashes his car. He stumbles upon a mall where the remaining members of Raccoon City's S.T.A.R.S. are holed up. A sniper kills a zombie that was just about to attack him. Inside, L.J. shows off his gold plated guns and within a few minutes the S.T.A.R.S. are scrambling to fight off a huge bio-weapon, a nine-foot tall humanoid called the Nemesis. We cut back to Umbrella who issue Nemesis (freshly kitted out from the helicopter drop) the order to kill all S.T.A.R.S. members, an order he promptly follows. L.J., is not considered a target, and subsquently survives.

Alice's team spot Nemesis from a bridge and he fires upon Jill, still carrying out his "kill all S.T.A.R.S." objective. Her colleague Payton is killed, and Alice decides to take on the creature while Jill and Terri try to escape. Alice finds herself severely outmatched because of Nemesis' heavy weaponry and makes a hasty retreat. Jill and Terri pick up L.J. and they make their way to the school. They split up to look for Angie, after which Terri meets a gruesome death at the hands of zombie children with her camera catching her final moments.

Jill finds Angela, but both are soon set upon by an undead dog which is quickly dispatched by Nicholai. He becomes overconfident and is killed by a second dog, forcing them into the kitchen. Jill hatches a plan to blow the kitchen up using the gas stoves, but her match goes out at the critical moment. Alice turns up just in time to toss a cigarette in.

Carlos meets up with the team, and Angela and Alice sense that each other are infected. 'Angie' explains to them that her father created the T-Virus to allow her to walk (she has a spinal nerve condition), since the T-Virus regenerates dead material; the creation of zombies from entirely dead subjects was a horrific side effect. Angie reveals the existence of the antidote, and makes claims that Umbrella took her father's research and used it for their own biological programs. Ashford gives them directions to where a helicopter is parked and instructs them that they will need to take it by force. Jill prompts Alice to reveal all to Terri's video camera so that the truth can get out whilst they head to the helicopter site.

They proceed to the location and take out the guards, only to find they have been set-up by Umbrella who have been monitoring Ashford's communications. Surrounded by guards, Cain instructs Alice and Nemesis to fight in another Umbrella experiment to find out who is better. Alice refuses and Cain shoots Dr. Ashford, indicating that he was valuable to Umbrella and he will not hesitate to kill the others.

In the unarmed fight that follows they reach a stalemate, until Nemesis arms himself with a chunk of steel and Cain gives Alice a metal rod. Alice gets the upper hand and impales Nemesis - only to come to realize it was her friend, Matt Addison (Eric Mabius), from the encounter in the Hive (the events of the first Resident Evil movie). She apologizes to him and ignores Cain's orders to finish him.

Alice is then offered a flight out, with Cain willing to leave everyone else behind. There is another battle with Nemesis taking out most of the Umbrella guards before being crushed by a helicopter that he took out with his rocket launcher. The survivors - Alice, Jill, Carlos, Angie, and L.J. - board the helicopter and push Cain out. Cain lands back on the plaza, injured and unable to run from the mass of attracted zombies descending upon the plaza. He takes a few of them out with his gun before realizing it is hopeless and decides to take his own life. Unfortunately, he is out of bullets and the zombies, including Dr. Ashford, eat him alive.

The nuclear missile strikes City Hall and the shockwave knocks the helicopter out the sky. The helicopter crashes into the heart of The Arklay Mountains where some time later an Umbrella team happens upon the crashed helicopter and find no survivors and one body, Alice.

Alice is revived after her death by Umbrella.We see Alice, three weeks later, submerged in a water tank inside another lab hooked up to various equipment via tubes and needles. The tank is drained and a confused and amnesic Alice is handled by Umbrella lab staff.

Very quickly she regains her memory and utters the tag line "My name is Alice, and I remember everything" and proceeds to fight her way out, quickly discovering her new powers, including the ability to kill a distant guard watching her on a security camera just by thinking it. Outside more guards are waiting but they are ushered aside by Jill and Carlos masquerading as Umbrella operatives. Along with L.J. and Angie, they whisk Alice away.

They are confronted once again at the security gate, where Dr. Sam Isaacs tells the guards to let her go and informs his assistant to "activate program Alice." Alice's eyes flash the Umbrella corporate logo in response to his command.

Song for the day - "Stormblast" - DIMMU BORGIR