Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ruining My Mood

So, I finally finish the project that was given to me by my manager and showed it to her. Feeling really good about that fact that it is over and not so good about the fact that what I want is not being met. Still it is a huge burden off my back and a big relief that it is over.

So I felt like style. Which meant going over to my fav bar and having my usual minus the beer (which, for all you innocents, means three vodkas with lots of ice, sprite & a plate of dfb). I usually like it if there is a nice rain going on in the background as well. The air-conditioner was being fixed at the bar, making the first few minutes a bit to hot. Yet I though nothing that silly would dampen my spirits and soon enough they got the ac cranking up and gearing for an evening. Little did I realise that my good mood would be ruined later.

It started as soon as I finished the packet of peanuts and my first vodka+sprite. I usually hate people who stand and drink at the bar counter. Firstly, I think that it is a stupid way to drink...normally those people who do so are stingy and pay for each drink and then run away. You can't really enjoy a drink standing up with ur elbow on the counter.

The second reason I hate them is that most of them are too noisy and they block my view. They can bang their elbows on your head as they stumble on by. A bunch of them are also old men, who with due respect, have no buisness to wade through the crowd and stagger home. A few times, dazed after a few, an old man has come and sat at my table thereby interupting my solitude. They just sit there in a stuper, breathing heavily and wait until they can walk without slipping.

But the worst is the gang of ASSHOLES who come on in like they own the entire fucking hotel & bar, push a few seats together so that their entire posse can gather like cows at a watering hole and then proceed to kill the night. They tend to start singing tunelessly some stupid song and clap along making the erstwhile quite bar a shithouse. I hate these motherfuckers! Go to hell, no wait, they'd just throw you out of there as well for disturbing the peace. Better yet go to another bar so I can nurse my drinks in peace.

Song for the day - "Yesterdays" - GUNS N'ROSES