Thursday, September 22, 2005

House Pets??!!

I am not sure about the rest of the world or even the rest of India, but here in Kerala every house seems to have atleast 5 to 10 house lizards scurrying across their walls. My house is the same; I can't remember ever going a day without seeing one or two lizards in my room or any of the other rooms. These creatures don't harm you (unless ofcourse one fell into you mouth while you were not concentrating or sleeping or if they fell in your food or drink) they don't make a mess. It's not threatning in any way and I can't remember anyone telling me that lizards were really ugly to look at. Infact I can remember my mom helping me & my sis to make lizards out of "chappaty" dough with mustard seeds as eyes.

Besides they eat insects & other monsters so they can't be bad for us. Have we just learnt to live with them? Sure they don't help out on the rent or expenses (chuckle) but I might miss them if suddenly the entire lot were wiped out or if I moved to a place where there were no such thing as house lizards. Imagine being a Mallu and going abroad to Australis or England or Canada and staying in a apartment sans lizards. The very thought sounds depressing enough to make me wanna prefer only cricket on tv all the time ---- strike that. I'd rather go blind that let that happen.

Song for the day - "Me Against The World" - SIMPLE PLAN