Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Trio In Their 30s

I headed out yesterday for a few drinks with Anil & Madhu. I normally don't like to drink at night when I have to work the next morning. I prefer to either not drink or to take it in the afternoon if I am going to the office the next day. But yesterday was an exception; Madhu and Anil calling me in the evening around 7 pm to come to Malabar House's roof-top garden in Convent Junction for a few. I was in two minds whether to join them or not. I actually said "you guys go on ahead without me, I'll join you some other day"! But it was eating away at me.

I left the office at 8pm and was going to head home, however I got down at the Jetty and took an auto to the roof-top garden. Madhu & Anil had started without me, having had a couple of drinks and some snacks. I quickly joined them, at the same spot that Anil and I had met a couple of weeks ago, and ordered a couple of vodkas and something to eat. And then the fun started!

For the next two and a half hours we cracked jokes, laughed ourselves silly and enjoyed some good drinks & food. Anil & I make fun of Madhu since he is the only married guy among us and is whipped and tied to his ball & chain. And Madhu makes fun of us because of the same reason. Madhu and I make fun of Anil due to his eternal flame for a girl, who worked with us earlier, and who did not have a clue about Anil's lust for her! And Anil and Madhu make fun of me.....well, because I am more sexier than the both of them combined together!

Soon we had to head back to our respective homes and we left, three on a bike! Very dangerous and especially after having drunk some! I went straight to sleep so I would be as fresh as possible when I woke up and had to go to the office. They both were off today!

Song for the day - "Down Boys" - WARRANT


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