Friday, August 25, 2006

Move, Moving..........Moved

It has finally happened and we can now relax quite a bit. The massive changeover has taken place and my folks and I have shifted from our home of 19 years (we completed the house in 1985 but only started living there permanently from 1987; until then it was a summer vaction house while we were based in Kuwait). I have so many fond memories of the house in Thrikkakara, which, according to the new owners, will only faintly resemble the original structure in a few months. The new owners are planning on doing so many changes, including building a seperate wing itself and demolishing a wall between two room to make one really large room. My little association with the Doc who bought my house (my father handled everything since I work and he is retired) has made me resent him a bit and as far as I am concerned, Doc you can pick it apart peice by peice and take it anywhere you want. As long as it is not mine now, I don't want to see it.

We moved the last of our belongings to the small apartment in Kacheripady and boy what a shocker. First of all, a major goof up happened by the workers and the walls ended up being painted a sick looking pink! Imagine a 100 people threw up bottles of liquid Gelusin in the rooms and you will get the picture! I can't stop wincing everytime I see the walls.

And it really is small, it's gonna take a whole lot of adjusting to get used to the smallness of the rooms when compared to the old house. My room is already feeling cramped and I still need to add a bed & a table & an armchair & a computer & a beanbag for guests! All it has right now is a big teapoy that my dad pushed on me to create my space elsewhere, a chair and a mattress that I slept on last night.

Song for the day - "Here I Go Again" - WHITESNAKE