Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Not better than the real thing....but still good

I saw Shrek 2 last night on HBO and it was worth the wait. I absolutely loved the first movie and although the sequel does not match the freshness of it's more funnier original, it is still a lot better than most of the movies that have come out. Sure as hell beats Gigli which I tried to watch, despite warnings from critics & people who have seen the movie. I was only watching it because there was nothing much to do on Sunday morning and I was bored. For the last time, Jennifer "Big bum" Lopez cannot act and will never be able to do so in a million years. Also, the way she speaks is so stupid. Like imagine the worst ever Latin American origin New York accent * 10 = JLo. Anyway back to Shrek 2, it starts with the now married couple who are going to visit Fiona's parents in the kingdom of Far Far Away. Shrek does not really want to go there at all, knowing how well the king & queen will react upon seeing their daughter's choice for a hubby. But he goes along just the same, with Donkey in toe. A welcome addition to the cast is Puss n'Boots, played by a surprsingly funny voice of Antonia Banderas. And here I though that all he ever did was act in Robert Rodriguez movies. Rupert Everett is also there as Prince Charming.

Song for the day - "Living La Vida Loca" - From the soundtrack of Shrek 2, sung by Eddie Murphy & Antonio Banderas