Friday, December 29, 2006

Can I Get The Job?

Well round two of my interview at the rival company is over and I must say that it went so well, even I was surprised. I went there without a copy of my resume, since I had already emailed a copy to my friend who works there and I had also handed a copy over to a person in HR last Friday. But she was on leave today so the manager interviewing me today did not have a copy to peruse through. I felt like a doofus for not bringing along another copy!

But she said that she would take a print-out from the e-mail my friend had forwarded her and went to get it. I sat in the small room like a dumbo and twiddled my thumbs. She came back and we sat and talked about myself and what I have done for about half an hour to 40 minutes. After a few minutes I felt very comfortable as it was easy to see that she was a good person and genuinely interested in what I had to say. I think she left sorry for me at what had happened as she did ask me why I stuck around at my old company despite the lousy pay. I had nothing but the truth to tell her. That I have a combination of laziness and fear of leaving my comfort zone and plus the ridiculous loyalty that is nothing but fear in disguise.

She wanted me to come tomorrow and promised me a much better pay that what I am currently getting here. It was all I could do from jumping on the table and dancing and then getting on my knees and kissing her hands & feet. Ok, so I said that would be good. I am to meet their customer care head and will have something solid after I speak to him. So off I went back to my work with a big smile on my face. All I had was a choco frappe to celebrate. Wish me luck!

Song for the day - "Sweet Surrender" - SARAH MCLACHLAN


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