Friday, December 22, 2006

The Obligatory Office Xmas Party

So we had the party or what they seem to belive can pass off as a party! Meaning, while the main office had a grand feast, with much music & celebrations and made a merry old time yesterday, the call centre here worked and slogged as usual. Then today some old farts from the office (read that as upper management) came over to see what decorations the kids here had dished out. Sorry that I could only get two pics as the others came out badly as poor lighting & the fact that mine is only a cell phone camera played a huge factor!

Some of the kids spent a lot of time and energy in setting up the place and they did a good job considering the fact that they were on a tiny budget and had very little time to complete the training. The call centre never closes down so they still had to work almost a complete shift except for an hour or so to take part in the activities. Many came the previous night and stayed till the wee hours of the morning or before their shifts today, just so that it could look presentable. And I sure did like what they did, although the better parts of the hall are not shown in the above two pics.

We had some lovely cake (finally cake that I like) and work went along as usual. They had a small ceremony to hand out certificates to the agents who had successfully completed the next level of tests which could help them further their career. I was handed a gift coupon for discount at a local supermarket in appreciation of my 'excellent work at training a huge bunch of executives' according to the head of administration and HR'! My ass!

I got a cute little gift from a manager of training and quality. She has always been supportive and helpful to me and wanted to get me a little something. I was really touched that she had thought of me.

Oh and I had gone to attend an interview at a rival company of this organization! I was recommended by a former colleague who is working there now. I went to their impressive looking office and a short wait later had a brief session with someone from HR. I handed over my CV and explained what I was all about. She was polite and said that since the manager was busy today that I could come back later and that she would hand over my resume separately. I was happy to be considered and don't have much hopes of my chances in getting there. Anyway, I tried and hope for the best.

Song for the day - "Saving Me" - NICKELBACK