Saturday, July 08, 2006

Movie Time : Creep

I seem to be watching quite a few horror / slasher movies these days and almost all of them at night as well. This one, I watched in it's entirety starting at 1:00 am and let me tell ya; going to sleep after that was no peice of cake. Creep (2004) is a British slasher film directed by Christopher Smith, starring the German actress Franka Potente. Potente plays Kate, a student who is trapped overnight on the London Underground after missing the last train. Two sewage workers, Arthur and George, discover an unknown tunnel in the sewers beneath London, and we see them attacked by some unknown horror. The film then follows Kate, a popular German student living in London, as she travel between parties. Intending to catch the tube, she falls asleep on the platform at Charing Cross and misses the last train. Though finding that the station has been closed for the night and that she is locked inside, she sees a train pulling into the station. On board, she encounters Guy, an unwanted acquaintance from the last party. When he attempts to rape her, something pulls him out of the train's door and brutally attacks him. The film then follows Kate's attempt to escape from the underground and the hideous 'Creep' of the title (Sean Harris). Along the way she is helped by a homeless couple, Jimmy and Mandy, who spend their nights sleeping in the station, and by George, who has been captured by the eponymous killer for food.

One by one, the characters are picked off in a variety of different ways until Kate comes face to face with the killer. She helps George escape the killer and find Mandy, whom George declares to be dead. While fleeing they hear a scream, and it transpires that Mandy is in fact alive, but Craig, the 'creep', is now performing a casaerean on her with a very large, rusty, serrated blade. They encounter Craig in a room, and George's head is impaled on a blade sticking out of the wall. Kate escapes and battles with Craig on a station, eventually slitting his throat by stabbing him with a hook attached to a chain, which she throws into the path of an oncoming train. Afterwards she finds her way back to Charing Cross Station and the dog runs up on her knee.

Song for the day - "Don't Talk To Strangers" - DIO