Friday, November 25, 2005

Thursday Movie Blog

I watched a couple of movies during my break from work. The first one was a movie which I had been wanting to watch for so long. The movie in question is Time Machine, which is based on the famous book by H G Wells of the same name. However it does not take the entire plot of the book or the previous movie that did stick to the original story. Instead we have a very loose storyline that leaves you not entirely satisfied with the ending. There was so much oe could have doe with the movie, but it was like they were in a rush to finish the film. Maybe the directors wanted to keep the film short and short it falls way short of my expectations and I think it was a waste to shoot this movie without having a well written script & thought out process. The movie stars Guy Pearce in the lead role with Samantha Mumba and small apperances by Jeremy Irons (looking like an aged Goth-Rocker), Orlando Jones & Mark Addy. The movie is directed by Simon Wells, who is the great-grandsone of the author H.G. Wells.

The second movie I saw was Voyage Of Terror starring Lindsay Wagner, Brian Dennehey, Martin Sheen, Michael Ironside, William B Davis, Katherine Isabelle, Steve Basic & Sarh-Jane Redmond. Although not a great movie, I recommend it for a lazy afternoon or evening when you don't have anything else to do. It is entertainning and well it stars one of my favourite bad guys Michael Ironside (you may know him from the Sci-Fi series V, Total Recall or any one of the numerous films where he has played a baddie. The storyline is about a cruise ship, whose passengers gets struck down by an ebola like virus and it just so happens that one of the passengers is Dr. Stephanie Tauber a highly rated virologist, who is on holiday with her daughter. Slowly the crew & passengers get infected by the air-borne disease and a few of them die, leaving Dr.Tauber to take control of the ship, leading a team or scientists & milatary personel who are sent to ensure that order ensuses in the passenger shi p and that no one leaves for shore.

Song for the day - "Two Princes" - SPIN DOCTORS