Saturday, December 17, 2005

Rebirth of Keane

Celtic coach Gordan Strachan with newly acquired star midfielder Roy KeaneIn what was one of the biggest epoch-making sports stories of recent years, Irish midfielder & erstwhile captain of Manchester United was relived from his contract with the giants of football. Even if it created many waves in the football world and many people were shocked, to a lot of us the move seemed inevitable. Despite having made his name with United, Keane has always expressed his desire to play for the club he supported as a youth - Glasgow Celtic. Most Irishmen (and women) support the green team of Scotland, Glasgow Celtic, to a certain degree of fanatism. Keane was no exception and he has often quoted in interviews that if he had it his way he would like to end his playing career at the club. Perhaps even end up in the coaching department for Celtic. But what no one was expecting was the rather sad way that a star like Roy ended his time at Manchester with whom he has won enough tropies & medals to fill an enitre room.

Keane & United have won the Premiership many times, the FA Cup, The Cup Winners Cup & ofcourse the giant of them all - a memorable Champions League trophy in 1998-99. He was the recognised & undisputed captain of the squad which made up the richest club in the world. But Keane has been known for always speaking out his mind and damn anyone who gets hurt in the process. A couple of years ago, during a slightly patchy performance by United & unimpressed by the lack of proper cheering & support of the spectators in the crowd, Roy spat out at the rich & fashionale sections in the stand who, according to him, came to the matches because it was considered cool to seem like they support a rich, successful & glamorous club. Roy's words were directed to the large section of fans who seemed to eat Prawn sandwiches & sip champagne, while true fans did not get a seat to the games. This was found to be hilarious to the press and the fans alike and much print was spent on it. But more recntly he has taken to publicly critise hie fellow teammates for their seemingly lack of hunger on the field. This seems ironic for a player who is past his best days and has been out of action for weeks at a time due to injury. The latest outburst, it seems was the last straw and he & the club came to a mutual aggreement to disolve his contact. Real Madrid seemed to be interested in signing the Irishman but it was clear that Celtic was the destination for Keane. And so he has signed on, making a boyish dream come true.

Song for the day - "White Lightning" - DEF LEPPARD