Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Coffee & Beer with Wayne & Garth

I needed to buy a new pair of jeans very badly as my faithful blue ones got a tasty big tear and I won't be able to wear them outside. It's been a few month since I got new clothes so I decided to spend the morning & afternoon out. First things first; since I had very little sleep, I headed over to Cafe Coffee Day and had a big cold coffee with chocolate stuff in it and it tastes so goooood and provided an excellent caffeine kick. I relaxed and listened to some songs on my Motorola V3i. I wanted to get a blue pair but since they were out of them in my size, I settled for a grey jeans that should be ok for most of the shirts that I wear. The place was so crowded with families doing last minutes Christmas season shopping and kids were scattered all over the place.

That done, I went to buy some books from the used book sale cum fair near Padma. It was dusty and hot as hell in there but I stuck around to get three novels - The Stars Shine Down by Sidney Sheldon, Blood And Gold by Anne Rice & Blood Canticle also by Anne Rice. I also decided to head to Music World and see if there was anything worth purchasing there and settled on getting a copy of one of my all-time fav movies - Wayne's World! Party on Garth, Party on Wayne!

The hot sun and the humidity I faced till then made up my mind for me and I went into Oberoi for two beers & a delicious plate of American Chopsuey that I took my time in eating and read 90 pages of The Stars Shine Down. I am a noodles nut! Then it was back home for a little snooze and more reading. The evenings are getting so hot even in December!

Song for the day - "Hold My Beer" - AARON PRITCHETT


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