Friday, June 23, 2006

The Return Of ECW

IN a bizzare script writing event but which has to be termed as pure genuis by the owners and writers of WWE, a former rival brand is now a dominant force in the biggest Wrestling event in the world. ECW, was run into bankruptcy due to the monster that is the WWE - a much more global giant with millions in their coffers. Both WCW and ECW folded into WWE, the later taking in most of the best stars of the two other companies. Despite the company folding, it remained a cult phenomenon within their core of diehard fans, who chanted "ECW" quite passionately whenever at a WWE match which failed to catch theor imagination. This passion must have led WWE to bring a teaser last year in the form of "ECW : One Night Stand", a pay-per-view event in which former ECW stars within & outside the WWE roster staged matches against a group of WWE stars who taunted ECW. It was a great success, with fans screaming up and down the rafters.

That was more than enough for fans to start cheering "ECW" during WWE matches all the time. Another "ECW : One Night Stand" was planned for this year which would precede another pay-per-view event titled "ECW vs WWE", in which WWE stars were pitted in singles & tag team action against former ECW stars. This was spearheaded by ECW legend Rob Van Damn & former ECW owner Paul Heyman, now part of WWE. And to make things even more interesting, Van Damn cashed in on his contract which gaurentees him a shot at the WWE or World Heavyweight Championships (RAW & Smackdown titles) at any time within a year. He challenged Raw Champion John Cena for a title match at the 2006 "ECW : One Night Stand" and won the title. Now ECW has been established as a seperate show within the WWE premesis - making a third show after Raw & Smackdown. Even more fantastic was that ECW have drafted, other than Van Damn, Kurt Angle & The Big Show and also brings back former ECW faithful Al Snow, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, Terry Funk & Justin Credible. Just heard today that former WWE European & Intercontinental Champion Andrew "Test" Martin, who was in smaller independant shows for quite a while after an injury, is to join ECW. The girls in ECW will be Trinity, Jazz & Kelly until more are recruited. Rob Van Damn has also brought back the old ECW Championships belt and holds it along with the WWE Championship belt.

Babe of the week - LINDA O'NEIL

Song for the day - "Get In The Ring" - GUNS N'ROSES