Tuesday, November 08, 2005

This Boy with his new Toy

For over a year I have been wanting to buy a new cell phone - one with colour display, camera, GPRS & MMS. All this time I have postponed it due to money issue (sure I could buy one, but what the hell will I do for the rest of the month with no cash left). Last year, in December, when me and a bunch of other first year rookies in our company had a round of interviews for promotions, the though of getting a new cell phone did not seem so distant or expensive, since I though that the promotion would also mean a good increase in the moolah department. But I didn't get the dough, so I decided to wait. Yet it was so disheartening to see my junior carrying around the latest mobile phones with colour images & mp3 ringtone, while I kept using my Nokia 1100....kinda like comparing gold with shit. As stated earlier in this blog, I was going to get one in October, but the guy who was supposed to get me a good installment deal on a cell phone, it seems was just bluffing....all fart and no shit!

I was feeling so frustrated and letdown. The Nokia 1100 that I had for over a year has served me well, but is piss poor in options and it has no flash.....just a flash light (a bit of Roshan humour, LOL)! When it seemed like the guy who, actually approached me directly and said that he would fix me up with a phone, was not going to deliver, I got pissed off, but another fellow in my office offered to arrange a deal. Even that took a while and each day I woke up thinking that it would be the day that I finally moved along in the cellular world. And that day finally came today, as I handed over Rs.3000 plus the 1100 and was handed back a brand, new, shiny Sony Ericsson K500icamera phone. Hallelujah!! Girls taking showers beware! It seemed like I had waited for an eternity to buy a phone, while others paraded their trendy gadgets in front of my face as if mocking me. Now I am happy with the equipment I use to stay connected to the world. And, if you will excuse my crudeness, I have this to say to any chick named Sony ..... "Hey Sony, wanna play with my Ericsson?" Hahahahahah!

Here is a great pic of the Sony Ericsson K500i.

Song for the day - "Jingo La Ba" - SANTANA