Saturday, October 22, 2005

Change In The Weather

Still feeling the effects of the fever that started on Wednesday night. It seems to get worse at night, especially since it has been rainning for the past few evenings and it tends to get cold as well. After I came home last night, I threw my pillows and sheets together in a bundle and dragged it to the living room, so I could cuddle up in front of the television and be as warm & comfortable as possible. Today morning as I left for the office, I swear wherever I went I could smell something funny which was aggravating my asthma. I have been getting the smell of "wet dirt" - you know if you get really dusty dirt & sand and then it mixes with rain water, you get this dirty smell. It was all over town and was making me feel ill. No one else in the bus seemed to notice it though.

Saw an espisode of FRIENDS : Season 8 that I had somehow missed - it's the first one in the season, the one just after Monica & Chandler get married. I don't remember seeing this one - anyway, in this Monica & Pheobe find out that Rachel is pregnant and they are not sure who the father is. It is a really funny one, with Joey trying to impress Ross's mom(played by the gorgeous Morgan Fairchild)'s date who directs plays on Broadway. And Ross dances with three children just to impress a hot chick and ends up with aching feet.

Discovered this guy on AXN in the reality show 30 Seconds to Fame - Lorenzo Laroc is an electric violinist from New York City, who plays excellent instrumental music. His work has been dubbed "Musical Therapy". Although he was classically trained, he now plays a diverse gamut of styles, including jazz, rock and Latin music. I suggest giving a listen to this great master of the violin.

Song for the day - "Dreams That Come True" - LORENZO LAROC