Saturday, November 25, 2006

Fussy Logic?!

I type this, as I sip capucchino, on a borrowed laptop and using the cafe' wi-fi connection. I don't like it if people when people fuss about things that seem too trivial. At the risk of being hounded as a male chauvinist, let me tell you that I find that women tend to do that more than men. I have rarely seen men be so fussy about small details and stuff like that. But which ever sex is guilty of it, I never like it. I didn't say I hate it; it can even be a bit funny and bring out an endering quality in people. But I don't necessary like it. I think it is a bit immature of people to indulge in it.

Confused? Well, what I am trying to say is that, especially for girls, when they are being fussy, they can look cute and even sound cutish although I don't think it is right to be so. It is the equivalent of pouting - it can look so cute but I don't encourage it. Maybe a pre-teen can be judged to be okay when she does it but not on a grown up lady above 21! A recent incident is the one that made me enter this; a friend wants to "teach" a person a lesson as she felt that this other person insulted her. I know what the conversation was about and the other person in no way wanted to insult my friend. But she is adamant on to extacting revenge. I was laughing for a while but then was forced to scold her for being so childish. My attitute was met "Do you like me more than him? Does he mean more to you than I do?". I said that I would not dignify that question with an answer and that she should know better. I admonished her for the silly kind of in-fighting that I hope I am above of and told her to be a little more grown up. I left her sulking in a corner but I have no doubt that she will be coming back to be my friend in no time.

Song for the day - "Clumsy" - OUR LADY PEACE