Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A wee bit of Celebration

Ok lassies! I have given you your timely warnings and now you can watch as me fine camera phone catches a glimse of your fine panties! Okay, Roshan stop it!

Today I went on to Edapally to have me some Romanov Vodka to wash down my excellently prepared fried rice & beef. I went over to Kairali Bar, which has become my favourite watering hole by the way, around 1:30. I had to wait for about 20 minutes at the HDFC ATM right next to it cause they were filling it up with money as I reached there. This activity it seems is almost always during the afternoon hour of 1 pm to 2 pm, since this is the third time this has happened as I went to that particular ATM to load up on cash for some drinks at the bar. There were two guards outside, one with a rather rusty looking rifle that wouldn't scare anyone over 8 years old. After the wait, I got about Rs.300 out of my account and into my wallet and strode on in. It was while I was on my second vodka that I saw on the tv that former President K.R.Narayanan had passed away.

I was just reading in WWE.Com that one of my fav characters & wrestler of all time Christian has left the company. After 8 years of battling mostly guys who were bigger than him, Christian has decided that the toil of performing before thousands of people on a regular basis week after week was not worth it anymore. He states, in what is billed as his final interview, that he is not turning his back on the WWE forever. It's just that there were other things on his mind & in his life which seemed more interesting to him at this point int time. Christian formed 50% of one of the best tag-team partnerships in Wrestling history, with his childhood friend Adam Copeland aka Edge. But when they came to the WWE, they were billed as brothers (they did look like they could pass off as brothers, well cousins anyway) starting out fighting each other and then joining the Brood & then The Undertaker's team. They soon moved away from that and became an A list tag team. Together the battle numerous stars in the WWE for a few years until they split up and began concentrating on their singles career. They were famous for having exciting ladder matches with the Hardy Brothers. They have won the WWE Tag Team titles around 8 or 9 times by my count. As a singles wrestler, Christian has won the Intercontinental title a few times and I think the European title as well. Later on he cut his hair and also started his own talk show in the ring "The Peep Show". Christian will be missed for his funny personality & cocky comments and his "charisma".

Song for the day - "Made Of Steel" - OUR LADY PEACE