Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Be My Valentine

I don't really care for Febuary 14th or the pink haze that surrounds this day (that several critics say was created by Card companies). Now that sending cards is passe, what would you blame it on? Chocolate companies? Manufacturers of heart shaped things?

I have to admit that for about 4 years or so I was a sucker for this day. Those years that I had a girlfriend, we both looked forward to this day to celebrate our love. I would spend hours going through several shops that sell greeting cards just waiting for the perfect one (I have had several great ones) and then a few more searching for a great gift. I am sure that she spent considerable time on getting the same for me, cause I happen to remember atleast three lovely gifts from her.

Since the split, I have hardly bother to think of Feb 14. A couple of times at NIIT and last two years at work, I took part in the celebrations just because my friends were involved. I even attended the damn thing last year getting myself a valentine. But not this year. The next time I celebrate it, it would be with someone I love and it has to be very special for me to make myself silly with sentiments.

Where are you oh special woman?

Song for the day -"How Long Can A Man Be Strong" - JEFF HEALEY