Saturday, December 30, 2006

Better Way

So today was the day that finally came - they execute that dictator & overall motherfucker Saddam Hussein to death by hanging. This is such a welcome decision, even if the US now basically runs Iraq. Saddam deserves to die; he didn't even deserve to live. A better way was that he should have been hung by his balls and left to die. He should have been castrated. He was a rotten excuse for a human being and the very sight of him laughing has cause me to vomit my guts out. The day this asshole invaded Kuwait, he became the shit in my eyes!

What good will a three hour hartal do in Kerala in protest of his death? Why protest at all? Damn these muslim fundamentalists - some arab muslim, no matter that he is a rotten asshold, is killed and they all have to protest and have marches denouncing it@ What the fuck, wake up you morons!! He was a third-rate bastard! Why do u bother? Imbeciles

Song for the day - "Ain't It Fun" - GUNS N'ROSES


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