Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Windows Live Mail Beta is here

Windows & Hotmail have finally woken up and smelled the coffee (ironic that that they are based near Seattle, the coffee capital of the world) and gone in for an overhaul of their oh so boring and oh so old style of their services. I have joined in to try out their Windows Live Mail beta version and so far I am pretty pleased with it! Microsoft can be as predictable as your parents and I was quite bored with the huge corporate giant. Yet this brave new direction may be the saving grace, atleast as far as Hotmail is concerned. I was quite fed up of their sedate & dull looking service page which made me wonder if they had any changes done to Hotmail since they bought the mail service from Sabeer Bhatia!

They are now ready to be compared with Gmail, my current preffered option for web-based e-mail. Infact, the current look for Window's Live Mail is so much like a bastard child of Gmail & your office version of Outlook Express! That's what I feel like when I was using Windows Live earlier this evening and just a few minutes back. Anyway, I like it and think that it is a great innovative change in the right direction and that they attracts a few more clients in this manner. Atta boy, Bill Gates, you are finally showing what your can do.

I just dig the Mail preview window that you can incorporate into WLM beta(a la Outlook) which means you don't have to click and open ur mails just to read it! This is an excellent tool which I use everyday at the office. This can be used to delete off your junk mail. Don't have to waste too much time on them. Over the next few days, after using it for a while, I may be able to give a full assessment of it but so far so good, it seems like a very good tool. I'm not big on mail and I will probably still prefer Gmail....we shall see!

Song for the day - "Blue Bayou" - ROY ORBISON


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