Monday, April 24, 2006

How Could You?

How could you? How could you do this to a person who has had nothing but good thoughts and wishes for you? Who has only affection, friendship & love for you and wants to see you happy and successful and healthy? And if he thought in his mind that he should be the one to make you happy, was that a big crime?

Recently a guy I know has had his heart broken and he is feeling things he did not think he would ever in a million years. We shall call him PEPE, (after a fav cartoon character of his Pepe Le Pew). He though all that was behind him and that he was not in the market to get hurt again. All he did was be there for this girl who had called him out of the blue seeking advice. Along the way he became her sort of soul mate, best friend and confidant. He was up all nite to console her as she cried because she was having problems with her parents & her big sister. She was upset over a few things and she has his shoulder to cry on. He was there for her and became attached to her. He felt bad for her but he told me that it felt good to be the one that someone turns to for help. He made her laugh, they talked over the phone for hours at a time. He went to see her last Sunday and she smiled and he felt on top of the world. He was falling for her. And she saw right through his casual approach.

That night she pestered him to find out if he had any kind of feelings other than love for her. He said no, not really at first, but she persisted. "Are you sure"? she asked him. He thought, what the heck, I might as well tell her. So he did. She said that, she did not know what to say. She was not expecting this. Things would not work out, there were too many barriers. He said that barriers meant nothing to him but he did not want to trouble her. Speaking to her was enough for him. "Please don't be upset if we can't have a relationship" she said. He said ok, but he was hurt inside. He has started to yearn for her and felt lost.

They spoke for a couple of days, she consoling him saying that she would always want him as her friend. He wanted her frienship but he also wanted more. Then she tunred her back on him. Judas, Delilah & Mark Antony were no match for her. She didn't pick his calls and didn't return his messages. He asked me "What did I do wrong? Am I a bad person for thinking what I did?" I have no answer for him; I can't see him like this. He does not deserve this at all. She has no right to do this to him, he who only wanted good for her. Three days later she casually sends him an SMS to find out how he is. The hunter at the scene of her greatest kill. He is devastated. What kind of crime has he commited to deserve this cold response. She is cold and casual, like nothing ever meant anything to her. This big a change in such a short time. She is still not giving him a proper answer, he is pleading for one. He can't understand what went so wrong. We will find out soon.

Song for the day - "Insensitive" - JANN ARDEN