Saturday, November 19, 2005

Feeling Wild Boy!

As stated before, I am not going to be able to go further in my company and hence I will be looking out for a new job in the coming days/weeks. My contract with them ends in January, so I do have some time for that. I am not sure what will happen of I don't find a job by then. I have a meeting with the Kerala head of Customer Care and he said that he will be speaking to me. I don't know what he wants to speak about but I plan on him getting an earful of my complaints. After all I have done for this shitty fucking management & administration, if they think I am going to go quitely they better thing again - motherfuckers!!

Although I am sure that I have plenty of support from collegues & well-wishers within the organisation, I am not sure if anyone can help me. Why they would do this to me after almost two years is beyond me and I don't really think that it is really prefessional behaviour on their part. Anyway since I don't really feel like going to work after I heard the final word on this from my manager, I decided to pull my leave cards and will be away from work from Monday to Thursday. During those days I will be forwarding my CV to a few agencies that I have made contact with and hopefully everything will work out in the end. The thought of starting fresh in another place is revolting at the moment but I will keep my fingers crossed - and to my current company my middle finger raised while the other four are folded!! Honestly I never thought I would leave this company at all and I even said so during my interview. I wanted to join a good company and remain a loyal servant till my retirement and hopeful the organisation will grant me such an oppurtunity.

Song for the day - "Tooth, Fang & Claw" - TED NUGENT