Thursday, September 21, 2006

To Be Wired

In a matter of days I will be getting my brand new computer and will also be getting a broadband internet access along with it. I have also looked over a simple but appropriate table counter for it. This will be the second pc that I have bought, the first having been bought in December 1996 (yes that old) and it "died" in 2003 having served me admirably for almost seven years. That was a pentium 100 model with just 640 MB hard disk space!!!!??? What the fuck, now everyone laughs if you have a 20 GB drive, what a long time it was!

I later managed to get me a 4 GB harddisk and even later a 20 GB hardisk, both having crashed on me because I did not have a UPS and with the current going off many times a week or even in a day, it totally screwd them up. The final straw after the hard disk crashed and the motherboard also died, I had decided not to bother wasting money to get it fixed. I didn't have any money to get another one, so from 2003 till date I have been "pcless" (a word I just coined up - too late you need to pay me royaties to use it for personal use!!!)

That will soon change as I am totally fed up of having to go to internet cafes to use the web. I can't just relax and play some games on a computer or even store articles, stories & webpages and read them at leisure at home, enjoying some coffee or a juice or a snack. I really like that and would love to swap having to sit at noisy web cafes where stupid morons chat loudly and play stupid Tamil & Hindi music at blaring noise levels. Sometimes the chairs are lousy and it hurts my back and ass and if I want to scratch my balls I better be careful and check if a girl is watching while I do it. So yippe, I will soon have my pc and get wired at home to browse the net at my convinience. Or like the "dad" character in a clip by the Three Dead Trolls In A Baggie says - "I want to be surfing up the e-mail and hooked up to webpages and stuff!" I just hope that unlike him, I don't lose my "mousy pointer thing" and think that "the cord that connects the tv to the typewriter" can roll off and hide under the sofa!!!

Song for the day - "Never Give Up On Me" - JANN ARDEN