Saturday, November 18, 2006

Home Improvement

No, not the hilarious family sit-com of the 90's starring Tim Allen & Patricia Richardson. The title is due to the work - especially carpentery work - happening at our apartment. We are having kitchen shelfs & cupboards built and the same team is also building book shelfs & cupboards in the common room on the extreme left of the apartment. The kitchen work is designed according to specifications by my mom and the ones in the common room follows the doctrines (?!!) of my dad. I have only asked for a bed, which I got made a few days ago and which I am enjoying sleeping on, thank you very much.

I wish I could show you the amount of dust that has collected in heaps around the apartment since the work started on the various shelfs. My bed was made out of the building and then assembled in my room, which means that there was no dust left in the trail. But the current work is partially done inside the apartment and hence we are faced with inhaling nosefull of dust everytime we breath. But that is still ok; you can sweep up dust. What I hate about this place, and possibily the only thing other than the colour, is the ant problem that we have. They are everywhere!! Little fucking monsters, intent on creating havoc. I found them in folded laundry - on the underwear that I was about to wear! Imagine the bites & pain when they attack manland!!!

Song for the day - "Your Mama Don't Dance, And Your Daddy Don't Rock n'Roll - POISON