Thursday, June 08, 2006

I Ate Bugs Bunny

I had been resisting the temptation to try out rabbit dishes, that the restaurant I frequent for dinner while on evening work shifts serves as a specility, for the past 6 months. The thought of eating rabbit had felt like cruelty to me, even though I know that many people swear by the taste of the critters. My friend Binju used to raise rabbits as pets while we were in school and on my several visits to his house I used to help in feeding them and the babies were very cute as they cuddled in my arms. So I did not feel right on now eating them.

But a collgue of mine had tried them out for the first time a few nights back and raved about them to me. A couple of nights back he had the curry version and loved that as well. It was too much for me to handle, so I caved in. I decided that I would have the rabbit fry for dinner and washed it down with a seven up. While I ate the delicious meal, in my mind the image of Bugs appeared with big innocent sad eyes looking pitiful and his ears sadly dropping behind his head!!