Friday, April 21, 2006

Black vs White

While in an internet cafe a couple of days ago, I was listening to some mp3s that the owner of the place was playing on his server. They were mostly a mixed selection of Malayalam, Tamil & Hindi hits from 2003 onwards. I wasn't really paying attention for most of the time, other than noting which songs were being played. After a while, I realised something. Most of the Hindi film songs had the word "Gori" in it. It could also be "Goriyan". Now all those who speak, read and understand Hindi know that it means "Fair or White girl". And then the Malayalam hit songs had several references to "Karutha Penne", dark skinned girl!

It seems that the Hindi speaking public (read that central and North India) or should I say men, prefer girls who are quite fair-skinned. Whereas we Mallus seem to like our women to have some colour on their skin (and flesh on their chest & butts; but that discussion is for another day). It was really funny if you paid notice to the lyrics. So many references to "That fair skinned girl stole my heart away from me" or in Malayalam, "I would like to spend time with the Dark skinned girl". Does that really imply that we Malayalees like darker women while the north only go for the fair ones? There seems to be no dearth of Fairness cream products and their ads are always on the tv. Hmmm anyway, while I ponder that, check out my babe of the week who is by the way, fair-skinned and busty and sure has a nice rear-end!

Babe of the week - NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN

Song for the day - "Wasted Time" - SKID ROW