Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Day For The Body & Soul

Ok, now I have really had a hectic 9 days at the office, working myself to the bone, trying to do as much of my work as I could, then getting the biggest disappointment of my life & having the rug pulled out from under me, the stupid fucking incident with that asshole motherfucker who ruined the entire Sunday evening for me and a bunch of the agents, plus going through a meeting & a presentation and with a little sleep as one can and still function properly - it's time for a break.

Today is the start of a three day lull for me from work. After working from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm, I came home to a great dinner of fish cry that my dad had prepared & a piece of fried chicken. I had enjoyed a really wonderful fresh apple juice a bit earlier in the evening on my way from work. At home ED beckoned for some laughs & cool acting by the wonderful cast. I flopped on my matressed for a lazy sleep while trying to catch the sports round-ups. Sleep came early & easily for me and for the first time in 9 days I slept for more than 5 hours at a time; 9 to be exact. After coffee, I went over to my aunt & uncle's home, two houses from mine and helped a bit less than two hours as my uncle worked on his current pet project - building an aquarium from four sheets of glass that used to be in his shop. He had scraped the idea of continuing with the shop that didn't yeild him any profit and decided to pick up a hobby instead. I came back a little before 12:00 to watch the news and catch the last 20 minutes of Species 2 (just can't get enough of Marg Helgenberger & sex godess Natasha Henstridge) before going up to listen to some music while I took a leisurely bath.

Then out for stroll after lunch and as of now still in this internet cafe. I'll soon be on my way home and I'll be picking up a Coke so that I can spike some of that Brandy that a collegue gave me a while back. I'll take my brandy+coke to the living room, heat up some fish curry, settle for an evening of a couple of tv series or a movie if there is a good one on, before watching Champions League football on ESPN-Star Sports. Then tomorrow will be even more quite, I'm just gonna be home by myself and Shawny junior and I guess I will catch up on my reading for the most part.

Song for the day - "The Messenger" - THE TEA PARTY