Friday, September 30, 2005

Going On A Strike

Every month or so the stupid people of Kerala go on a strike/hartal/bandh or whatever the fuck you want to name it. We had one just yesterday. Take a pick of the monikers, my friends, but calling SHIT in any other name won't hide the fucking stench.

It came on a day off for me & I hadn't realised that there was a strike since I hadn't bother to read the papers that morning. Having had a late night, due to watching two matches from the Champions League on Wednesday, I woke up having had insufficient sleep and my mouth felt dry as the Sahara. Since I had just stayed at home on Wednesday and watched tv & listened to music, I wanted to go out yesterday. Perhaps go to browse the net, visit a friend or two and enjoy a fruit shake or something in the evening. No sooner had I stepped out, did I realise that something was different. Now, Thrikkakara isn't a big noisy Metropolis, heck it isn't even a proper town. But normally, even on lazy afternoons you do see people going about, haging outside the few miserable shops or the temple or the busstop or anywhere.

But as I was walking along, a must have seen just two people, no buses, no autos, no bikes, no cars. Shops were closed with the shutters locked. It was a ghost town. Then it struck me, heck I think there was mention of a strike last evening. Well, to cut the story short, I walked a bit more, realised that nothing was open and decided to head back home. I changed, sat in front of the tv, realised that there was nothing good on till 9pm and so hut my eyes and went to sleep. Thank you Keral, for wasting my entire day. A big FUCK YOU to all who organised the strike! Any wonder why MNCs don't want to setup shop over here? All because of the idiots who hold flags and chant slogans and thing they are a huge deal! Kiss my ass!

Babe of the week - SARAH CHALKE


Song for the day - "Where Are You?" - OUR LADY PEACE