Saturday, September 30, 2006


It's almost 7 pm on a Saturday evening, my weekly off from work. I just wound up a new trainning batch yesterday, before going over to the main office at 3:00 pm to attend a GPRS doubt clearing & Q&A session with a technical guy. I was joined by a few agents in the call centre and chatted with people I haven't seen in a long time. Several younger employees were delighted to see me as I have always had a wonderful rapport with them. I met some higherups who enquired about my personal & professional life - how was I, losing a bit of hair, Roshan?, how are things in your part of the company?, I heard that you moved to an apartment in town, how is it there? - the usual banter that I was expecting.

I met a former colleague, K, who berated me for not coming to her wedding. I managed a weak "I was busy with trainning and relocation stuff" (her wedding was on the 9th of September and I moved house on the 24th of August). The truth was that I had no intention of attending her wedding, as she used to be close to me once. When I had to be outsourced, she meanwhile was entered in the main company payroll. I was happy for her and let her know about it but she never even tried to contact me in 8 months until the day she called me to ask me to come for her wedding! She gave me a rather lame excuse for not keeping in touch with me - "I was busy"! What, not even the CEO is that busy that he can't call to speak to his friends atleast once or twice a month. And hello, we work in the Cellphone Industry, K!

All I want now is a big cup of iced coffee with chocolate flavours, but I won't be heading that way. I plan on getting instant noodles & a big seven up and heading home to watch football on the telly and sleep by 11. I have a heavy work load for tomorrow.

Song for the day - "Weapons" - TARA MACLEAN